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Pharma Newsletters >> Eurofins Pharma Services Newsletter 14 - June 2016 >> Eurofins to expand the SureVector Cloning System

Eurofins Genomics and Agilent Technologies collaborate to expand the SureVector Cloning System, offering full flexibility in Vector creation

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Carola Grimminger, External Consultant,

Eurofins Genomics, a leading provider of DNA sequencing and genotyping services, has teamed with Agilent Technologies, a leading provider of molecular biology tools, to offer custom components and an assembled plasmid service for Agilent’s SureVector next-generation cloning kits. Users gain versatile options to design their individual vector for any gene. With Agilent’s Sure Vector system they can make use of the most convenient way to broaden their vector portfolio. Agilent will also offer a set of catalogue components for its leading-edge SureVector cloning kits, enabling the creation of over 1 million different cloning vectors.

The latest in next-generation cloning, SureVector harnesses the power of synthetic biology by allowing the combination of standard DNA components to build a customised vector construct from a set of standard parts. SureVector offers custom components and assembled plasmids as well as a variety of new components for leading-edge cloning kits. To meet the evolving needs and expectations of special vectors, the SureVector service offers a real benefit by delivering stable cell cultures for pharma needs.

Extensively validated, the components are verified to assemble perfectly into functional vectors.

The world’s first modular vector kit, SureVector enables biologists to construct customised vectors - small DNA molecules within cells that can replicate independently - from standard components that can be assembled into many of combinations. Customers benefit from individual vectors or the ability to customise any fragment in the SureVector system. Therefore Eurofins Genomics’ SureVector service is the perfect cloning service for production cell lines.

Agilent is one of the few companies whose products address the entire workflow for molecular and synthetic biology. For that reason Eurofins Genomics, international provider of genomic services around oligonucleotide and gene synthesis services as well as sequencing, genotyping and gene expression services, is pleased to collaborate with Agilent.

SureVector is a perfect addition to Eurofins Genomics’ gene synthesis and GeneStrands services,” said Uwe Koehler, Head of Gene Synthesis and Molecular Biology for Eurofins Genomics. “In this exclusive collaboration, Eurofins Genomics can now offer tailor-made SureVector plasmids, and any component of the SureVector kit can be replaced with customer-specific elements.