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GMP Storage & Distribution

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Eurofins CDMO (Contract Development & Manufacturing Organization) offers GMP storage:

    • + 15 / + 25°C: 560 m3 / 19775  ft3
    • + 2/ + 8°C: 146 m3/ 5156  ft3
    • - 20°C: 2.6 m3 / 92  ft3
    • - 80°C: 0.5 m3 / 17  ft3

Our expedition team organizes the daily supply of worldwide clinical studies: open or double blind study, randomized or not, with electronic or manual shipment orders. We provide the right distribution solutions for the safety of your products according to the GDP rules including worldwide express shipment, dedicated and accurate transport (direct to patient solutions). The IMP/IVP are shipped directly to the clinical sites or through depots partners (USA, Canada, India, Russia, Ukraine, Singapore, Australia…). We work with qualified carrier partners who are experienced in cold chain management and offer high performance temperature-controlled packaging systems for the transportation of pharmaceutical products.

Our team manages traceability and reconciliation as well as the corresponding returns and destructions when needed.

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