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Pharma Newsletters >> Eurofins BioPharma Services Newsletter 19 - February 2018 >> Bioanalytical and Molecular Cell Biology Testing

Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories, Ireland, expands facility and introduces new training programme to support Bioanalytical and Molecular Cell Biology Testing

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Lydia Slattery, PhD, Senior Manager Biopharmaceutical Chemistry,

Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories in Dungarvan, County Waterford, Ireland, is poised to meet the growing needs of clients with the completion of major building expansions and staff training initiatives. The expansion project will increase the capacity from 2,700m2 to 9,000m2 by Q3 2018, adding 4,400m2 to its footprint with laboratories designated specifically to the Bioanalytics & Molecular Cell Biology to the existing laboratory. The development of an 1,800m2 second site on the campus has allowed for expansion of Stability Storage capacity; additional laboratory space for Raw Materials, Microbiology Validation Studies, Training; and the introduction of a new Device Testing laboratory.

With an increased demand to support the full set of release testing of client biologic products, this expansion will increase the current Bioanalytical Testing area and introduce new technologies in Molecular Cell Biology such as Bioassay, ELISA and qPCR. This allows clients increased flexibility within the Eurofins network and ensures more agility with key testing capabilities available all at one site. To ensure sufficiently trained personnel on-site to support this Biologic growth phase in Dungarvan, Eurofins’ technical leads engaged with the National Institute of Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT), based on the campus of the University College of Dublin, to develop a Eurofins bespoke Bioanalytical & Molecular Cell Biology training programme.

The Eurofins / NIBRT Bioanalytical & Molecular Cell Biology Training Course has accomplished many of the below key objectives for its business and has introduced and developed the candidates’ scientific knowledge of the Biopharmaceutical Industry from the early stages of developing a biologic drug product-from genetic engineering through to the production process-and the analytical requirements to assess the critical attributes of a Biologic product.

The NIBRT Facility has a small scale Biopharmaceutical production process that allows candidates to see the various stages in the upstream and downstream of a Biopharmaceutical production plant. The importance of each stage in the biological production lifecycle is reviewed with the candidates in detail and how the Bioanalytics and Molecular Cell Biology Analysis play a role in identifying the critical attributes of a Biologic product, enabling an in depth understanding of client products and production processes.

The training programme was such an immense success during the launch in September 2017, it is offered again at the NIBRT facility in April 2018 and will be shared with the Eurofins’ network of Biologic laboratories. These expansions and investment into bespoke Biologic training reinforces Eurofins commitment to enhancing services and quality and continuing to strengthen agility for customers. For more information visit: