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Infectious Diseases

Fast and accurate diagnosis is key in critical care settings and for immuno-compromised patients. At Eurofins we have developed Target Enriched Multiplex PCR (TEM-PCRTM) proprietary technology to improve patient outcomes thanks to fast turnaround, higher sensitivity and higher specificity. The method offers simplicity due to single-sample collection and identifies difficult to culture pathogens. Different specimens are possible with this technology and no bacterial isolation is required.

At Eurofins we are able to identify viral and bacterial pathogens from a single specimen using our TEM-PCRTM technology. Co-detection allows physicians to administer appropriate treatment, i.e. antibiotic or antiviral therapy. This evidence-based approach translates into improved quality and cost effectiveness of patient care.

Genotypic testing at Eurofins permits the identification of individual antibiotic resistance and response. Detection of a gene resistant target can provide useful information to guide the appropriate course of action to successfully treat the infection. Genotypic characterization of Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is based on seventeen genes associated with resistance to beta-lactams, quinolones and macrolides. Depending on the results, an optimal therapy for the patient will be recommended.

How antiviral drugs and antibiotics are metabolized by an individual patient can also be investigated with Eurofins pharmacogenetics testing. Based on the results of the tests, physicians can stratify patients and administer the correct dosage depending on the patient’s drug metabolism profile.

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