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Epigenetic therapeutics

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Druggable epigenetic modulators undergo oncogenic mutation and are seen as attractive therapeutic targets. However, inhibition of some epigenetic targets results in a significantly delayed drug response that is not revealed by conventional, short term cell growth assays. To address this issue, we have established two- and three-dimensional assay conditions with extended assay duration to yield robust cell line profiling data.  While this assay design was specifically developed with epigenetic targets in mind, other slow-acting therapeutics are likely to reveal themselves employing this extended protocol.

Advantages of OncoPanel™ services for epigenetic studies:

  • 10 day cell growth assay for epigenetic and other slow-activing therapeutics to allow sufficient time for effects to be seen
  • Culture period is optimized to ensure maintain logarithmic growth during extended culture period



Figure 1. Detection of growth inhibition by EZH2 inhibitors requires extended assay duration

Sensitivity of EZH2 mutant cell lines to the EZH2 inhibitor, GSK343, is increased under an extended assay period, whereas the non-specific kinase inhibitor, staurosporine, shows no preference for EZH2 mutational status or assay duration.