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FlexLab Custom Cell Line Development Services

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Develop difficult targets and orthologs to meet your drug discovery needs

Outsourcing your stable cell line development to Eurofins will enable you to free up necessary resources while guaranteeing the success your drug development program needs. We have successfully developed hundreds of human GPCR and ion channel stable cell lines and related orthologs, bringing time-tested experience to the table. Our stable cell line development FlexLab option allows you to choose from CHO, HEK, or our proprietary Chem-1 host, a rat hematopoietic, adherent cell line or provide your own.

Our experienced scientists use our proprietary expression vectors to generate cells producing the most functionally active recombinant proteins. Our milestone driven projects give you the flexibility to take projects from proof of concept transient transfections, to selected polyclonal cells and all the way to stability tested monoclonal cell lines.

Advantages of Eurofins' Custom Cell Line Development:

  • Extensive experience with both GPCRs and Ion Channels
  • Choose from transiently transfected cells or stable cell lines
  • Access to MaxCyte STX electroporation system for robust multi-plasmid transfection for bulk transiently-transfected frozen cells
  • Ability to qualify cells for assay performance on a large range of platforms