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Screen and Profile Anti-cancer Compounds in Drug Discovery

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With the OncoPanel™ Cell-Based Profiling Service you can SCREEN compounds early in drug discovery or PROFILE compounds in later-stages to identify predictive genomic biomarkers of response.

The OncoPanel™ Cell-Based Profiling Service provides drug response data across a panel of over 300 genomically diverse cancer cells that span 18 different tissue types. Compounds may be tested in the entire panel of 300+ cancer cell lines or a subset of cell lines may be selected for a project. With nearly 10 years of experience providing the OncoPanel™ Cell-Based Profiling Service our technical team has experience working with a variety of different molecules such as kinase inhibitors, epigenetic modulators and large molecule biologics.

Our technical experts help to design experiments for a variety of project goals that include:

  • Screening - test a large number of early stage compounds in a subset of cell lines to identify anti-proliferative activity
  • Profiling – test late stage compounds in a large number of cell lines to identify predictive genomic biomarkers of response
  • Repurposing of Compounds – identify new cancer indications for existing compounds

Flexibility with the OncoPanel service helps to meet diverse project goals, this flexibility includes:

  • Project Size – any number of compound and cell line combinations may be run in a project
  • Project Complexity – SinglePlex or MultiPlex data options, long-term (10 day) cell culture, 3D cell culture, drug combination studies, univariate genomic analyses
  • Timing – projects are scheduled to begin based on the data delivery needs of each client

Data Options with the OncoPanel™ Cell-Based Profiling Service

The SinglePlex and MultiPlex data options are available for 2D culture, long-term (10 day) culture, combination and long-term combination studies. 3D culture, with or without a 2D comparison, is also available. Data for cluster analysis are also available for greater than 50 standard of care and tool compounds.

  • SinglePlex – cell proliferation
  • MultiPlex – cell proliferation, apoptosis, cell cycle and custom markers
  • Univariate Genomic Analysis – identify and prioritize predictive genomic biomarkers from drug response data
  • Gene-specific Panels – test compounds with specific kinase and epigenetic target panels to confirm In vitro efficacy based on gene aberration(s)

Over 300 Cancer Cell Lines

Cell Type # of Cell Lines
Bladder 11
Breast 19
Central Nervous System 25
Colon 30
Endocrine 7
Female GU 23
Head and Neck 11
Haematopoietic 65
Kidney 10
Liver 7
Lung 28
Pancreas 13
Prostate 8
Skin 28
Small Intestine 1
Soft Tissue and Bone 28
Stomach 6
Testis 1


Different Applications with OncoPanel


The OncoPanel™ Advantage:

  • Univariate genomic analysis to identify predictive biomarkers to correlate sensitivity and resistance
    • Genomic data repository: Eurofins, Sanger COSMIC, Broad CCLE
    • Univariate genomic analysis includes
      • Mutations
      • DNA copy number alterations (amplifications, homozygous deletions)
      • Differential mRNA expression
  • Experienced in testing small molecules, biologics & drug combinations
  • State-of-the-art High Content Analysis (HCA) instrumentation and automation to deliver objective and more consistent data analysis
  • Multi-parametric analysis for rich mechanistic data
    • Cell viability - decreased cell count using DAPI (nuclear dye) stained cells
    • Apoptosis - increased staining with an anti-active caspase antibody
    • Mitotic block - increased staining with an anti-phospho-histone-H3 antibody
    • Custom markers - project specific endpoints (e.g., PD biomarker)  
  • Flexibility - test compounds in our pre-existing cell line panel or send your own cell lines
  • Pioneers for image based oncology services, establishing studies in 2007