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Flow Cytometry - Customized Biomarker Analysis

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Flow Cytometry for Assay Development, Validation and Sample Analysis

The past decade has witnessed a remarkable increase in the amount of small and large molecules developed for therapeutic use, especially therapeutic antibodies - a trend, which is predicted to continue. Cellular biomarker will be necessary in defining disease pathology, toxicological assessment and efficacy of these new drugs.

Flow cytometry is a powerful cellular analysis technique, which has proven to be valuable in research, clinical trial environment and further drug development.
Eurofins is well positioned to assist you with specialized flow cytometry assay development, validation, and sample analysis needs. We have developed five modular core assays that drug developers can use as they are or modify with additional markers to meet the needs of the specific clinical investigation.

  • TBNK assay (T-cell, B-cell, NK-cell)
  • Leukocyte activation panel
  • FceRI / IgE basophil assay
  • T-Helper cell panel
  • Monocyte, dendritic cell panel

The rapid-access of the "off the shelf" qualified panels provide: reduced cost, quick development time and flexibility to be validated according to the levels required by the study.
Our Immunoanalytics department operates multiple flow cytometry Canto II systems. Due to special needs for human material of clinical trials, we have developed a method to ensure equal results of one sample measured on two machines. This represents a perfect back-up system. Sample analysis is performed in compliance with G(C)LP.
As a leading innovator in flow cytometry supporting long-term clinical trials, we use molecules of equivalent soluble fluorochrome beads to enable the standardization of fluorescence intensity units irrespective of instrument and day of measurement. We are highly experienced in supporting worldwide clinical trials and in handling various samples from numerous clinical centers. Training of clinical sites by our flow cytometry experts ensures high quality samples.