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Ion Channel Screening and Profiling with Functional Assays

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Cell based assays for Ion Channels 

Eurofins high quality and well characterized PrecisION® ion channel stable cell lines are the foundation of IonChannelProfiler™ services. From single-cell manual patch clamp, the gold standard in ion channel work, to high throughput 384-well automated electrophysiology instruments, we use our cells on a variety of platforms to provide the throughput or depth of analysis that matches your needs.

Advantages of Ion Channel Profiling with Eurofins:

  • Cell-based functional assays for more than 60 ion channels, one of the largest ion channel portfolios in the industry, representing:
    • Voltage-gated channels (e.g., sodium, potassium and calcium channels)
    • Ligand-gated channels (e.g., GABA, nAChR and TRP channels)
  • Focus on electrophysiology to avoid missed detection related to other methods, allowing identification of:
    • Agonists, antagonists, allosteric modulators
    • State (closed, open and inactive) and use-dependent blockers
  • Gold standard manual patch clamp assays for detailed characterization
  • Variety of automated platforms to suit a range of throughput, including IonWorks® Quattro™, PatchXpress®, QPatch® - and the only CRO offering services on IonFlux HT™
  • Assays are designed to work in up to 0.5% DMSO to minimize vehicle response and maximize result consistency
  • hERGProfiler™ and CardiacProfiler™ services to address cardiac liabilities
  • Quick turnaround times of 1-3 weeks depending on project types
    • Ongoing SAR-driven projects: approximately one week
    • Fixed schedule for CardiacProfiler™ screens: approximately three weeks

Figure 1. Comparison of data generated through IonChannelProfiler™ services with published values.

Human Nav1.2 (Cat. No. CYL3032) and Nav1.5 (Cat. No. CYL3004) PrecisION® cell lines were used to generate IonChannelProfiler™ service data on the IonWorks® Quattro™ platform. The correlation between IonWorks® IC50 values and published values obtained using manual patch clamp is shown for several reference compounds. Most fall on the line of equivalence (shown in black), or within a 3-fold range of this (light blue), indicating good correlation between platforms.