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Companion Diagnostics

Eurofins Clinical Diagnostics has been supporting the pharmaceutical industry for many years with specialty diagnostics tests to identify patients that can benefit from a particular treatment. Working together from the drug discovery phase to develop a Companion or a Complementary Diagnostics test translates in:

Increased drug efficiency through targeting only those patients that are most likely to benefit from the treatment.
Better drug safety profiles via identification of patients that are at risk of severe adverse side effects allowing dose adjustment or drug discontinuation when necessary.
Personalized treatment thanks to therapeutic drug monitoring which permits the modification of drug administration and/or dose when required.

Clinical diagnostic tests allow the classification of patients depending on their genetic and metabolic profiles, thus aiding the adjustment of drug dosage in a personalized manner. Consequently, this reduces undesirable side effects and toxicity. This new approach translates into safer drug profiles facilitating the drug approval process and reducing time to market.

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