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Pharma Newsletters >> Eurofins BioPharma Services Newsletter 24 - October 2019 >> New state-of-the-art cryo storage

Viracor Eurofins’ new state-of-the-art cryo storage enhances sample security and storage capabilities

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Doug Irving, Marketing Manager, Viracor Eurofins Biopharma Services,

Cryogenics has proven to be especially useful in the pharmaceutical industry, where cryogenic storage is being utilised to ensure the efficacy of advanced therapeutics, such as biologics and stem cell therapies. Given these samples are irreplaceable in many instances, Viracor Eurofins’ pharma and biotech client partners rely on this expertise for their clinical trial sample management, including sample storage that preserves viability and functionality of cells. With the recent installation of Viracor Eurofins’ Brooks BioStore™ III Cryo -190°C storage system, clients are afforded an enhanced level of safety, integrity, and 21-CFR-11 regulatory compliance that is essential to meeting both current and future needs. Longterm controlled temperature storage systems, like the Biostore III, are an increasingly essential part of a comprehensive clinical trial and research materials management and storage solution that ensures maximum security and complete chain of custody.

This new automated liquid nitrogen (LN2) cryogenic storage system provides superior protection, accessibility, and record-keeping for cells and other sample assets at -190°C. Specifically, it is currently the only cryogenic storage solution that combines the protection, safety, and accessibility of a manual high-efficiency LN2 freezer, with advanced automation features such as vial-level inventory control, barcode reading automation, and sample transportation. It also offers the ability to be integrated with Viracor Eurofins’ LIMS system, on-demand and 21-CFR-11 level report generation, and sample integrity calculator that protects samples from excessive warming by predicting their temperatures based on experimental evidence.

The design of the system also allows Viracor Eurofins’ to use it as a shared resource, for both BioPharma and Clinical Diagnostics needs, due to the administrator-defined library system and access control elements. Lastly, the emergency situation protection on the BioStore III provides greater than 20 days of temperature stability in the case of energy or LN2 loss, giving clients added peace of mind.

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