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Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories PSS Insourcing Solutions® expands global reach at record pace

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Beth DiPaolo, M.A., SPHR, President, Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories, Professional Scientific Services,

More and more global biopharmaceutical companies are realizing the value of housing Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories PSS managed services to perform their testing and laboratory management for less limitations, restrictions, and co-employment hassles than if they hired temporary staff. It truly has the chemistry for an award-winning success.

Transforming a client’s science into an outstanding service experience, Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories PSS has grown exponentially since its inception 15 years ago. Today, with approximately 1,500 employees worldwide, PSS delivers managed laboratory services at more than 65 client sites, providing services in 15 countries throughout North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

On the horizon, the landscape is shifting beyond what has traditionally made this business model absolutely successful. What began as a simple service offering where PSS recruits, hires, trains and manages highly qualified scientists to perform laboratory testing services at the client’s site, has blossomed to address more comprehensive client needs. Today PSS offers the most advanced, sophisticated biopharmaceutical managed laboratory testing services from early phase development to finished product testing, as well as comprehensive laboratory management, including:

  • GMP Lean Laboratory Design and Validation
  • Regulatory and Technical Training
  • Lean Project Support/Management
  • Upstream and Downstream Services

Another driver for this significant growth is the ever-changing employment legislation. For example, Germany is revising their laws regarding temps that includes employing temporary workers for 9 months at temp pay, and following that, they must compensate at a regular salary. If they are still employed at 18 months, the company must hire the temp full-time or let them go. And there are indications other countries may adopt a similar tack. PSS also solves the challenges associated with the EU Temporary Agency’s Workers Directive 2008/104 since PSS is not a temporary service provider, rather laboratory managed services just as if clients sent samples to Eurofins’ laboratories.

To that, as the industry grows wildly fond of relinquishing the hassles of co-employment headaches and replacing them with PSS Managed Services, some large biopharm firms have shared they wish to focus primarily on their large and small molecule pipelines, mitigate risks, and have declared a no-more-temps edict.

One of Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories PSS secrets to success is the focus on people excellence. It’s done by finding great people, taking great care of them, and creating excitement, engagement, and retention by providing full-time employment, comprehensive benefits as well as proactive training, development, and career advancement opportunities. Creating a culture of positivity and engagement through employee empowerment and recognition, allows PSS to attract, retain and motivate high-caliber employees to better serve clients at their sites.

At the heart of this evolution is a passion for forging longterm partnerships and friendships, delighting clients, and delivering tailored and valuable service solutions that are ultimately good for business and good for people. Believing this human element and connection will always achieve a successful outcome, the PSS teams are motivated to serve clients and improve and save lives together. And being the only managed service insourcing provider in the industry to receive 10 client strategic partnership awards in the last 9 years is demonstration of that success.

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