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Eurofins CDMO: highly potent drug development from early stage

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By Elena Bejan, PhD, MBA, Vice President Research and Development, Eurofins Alphora; Catherine Lacaze, Pharmacist, Technical Business Manager, Eurofins Amatsigroup

High-potency drugs present numerous opportunities for improved drug selectivity, efficacy, and safety profiles and represent a growing area of global development focus for applications such as oncology and hormone-based treatments. Although this class of molecules offers numerous benefits to patients, they require particular care and attention in ensuring the safety for those involved in their manufacture and handling. Eurofins CDMO presents global offerings for the development of high-potency drugs, from API production to formulation and manufacture of clinical and commercial materials, including:

Drug substance (API)

Eurofins CDMO has significant experience in technology development of complex API molecules for scale-up manufacture. High Potency APIs (HPAPIs) are frequently structurally complex, requiring sophisticated process, manufacturing, and analytical methodologies. Particular challenges associated with HPAPIs relate to safe containment and handling practices and include:

  • Engineering, environmental, and cGMP controls in line with current guidance and best practices
  • Dedicated equipment, including isolators and auxiliaries
  • Equipment and instrument cleaning procedures, analytical methods & criteria
  • Institutional training and general & product-specific SOPs

In addition to establishing innovative synthetic routes, manufacturing processes and analytical controls, a Eurofins CDMO development programme will evaluate and implement appropriate toxicity control strategies for HPAPIs.

Drug Product (Finished Product)

In parallel, Eurofins CDMO provides a wide range of drug product development services for HPAPIs, from early development to clinical, and further to commercial supply. Eurofins CDMO has successfully developed, transferred, and supported the commercial manufacture and distribution of dry, liquid, and semi-solid finished product forms, for cytotoxics, hormones, and other high-potency products.

In addition to their inherent toxicity, high-potency drugs frequently present formulation challenges requiring specific strategies, such as low aqueous solubility, poor bioavailability, food effects, and high inter-subject variability. Thanks to containment facilities and specialised technologies, Eurofins CDMO has set up specific tools for the formulation of high potency and poorly soluble entities based-upon their specific molecular characteristics and according to multivariate, design-of-experiment (DoE) approaches.

With the benefit of more than 20 years of experience and a strong track record in development, Eurofins CDMO is the preferred partner to bring your challenging highly potent drug product to market within optimised timelines.

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