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Our History

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Pharma's partner of choice for discovery services

Eurofins Pharma Discovery Services division was built by bringing together market leading expertise of Panlabs (acquired in 2012 from Ricerca), Cerep (acquired in 2013) and EMD Millipore's Discovery & Development Solutions business (acquired from Merck KGaA in 2014).

Bringing these impressive portfolios together provides thousands of in vitro and in vivo services as well as products to our customers, offering one of the industry's largest available pharmacological panels for drug screening and profiling. We not only set the benchmarks for quality, convenience, and expertise, but we are also the most experienced pharmacology service companies, with continuous operation for over 40 years.


The combined expertise, knowledge and skill set of these companies brings our clients the additional benefit of a comprehensive portfolio of potency/efficacy, safety and ADME-Tox assays supplied by a single provider.  With the ability to screen for hits to performing preclinical studies on candidates, we are Pharma's partner of choice. With over 300 people in four operational sites worldwide: St. Charles, MO (USA), Dundee, Scotland (UK), Celle Lévescault (France), and Taipei (Taiwan),  Eurofins Pharma Discovery Services offers the quality and reliable solutions our clients depend on to advance their most promising drug discovery programs.



Eurofins Cerep Panlabs and Eurofins Discovery Services are brands of Eurofins Pharma Discovery Services division.  Eurofins Panlabs, Inc., Eurofins Panlabs Taiwan, Ltd. and Eurofins Cerep S.A. are independent members of Eurofins Cerep Panlabs.  Eurofins Pharma Bioanalytics Services US Inc. and Eurofins Pharma Discovery Services UK Ltd are independent members of Eurofins Discovery Services.