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Expert Biosafety Testing

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Expect the Expected.Expect the expected. But plan for the unexpected.

If your Biosafety Development takes a nose dive, our team of regulatory experts and experienced scientists will help you land safely on two feet.

Delivering the most comprehensive global testing capabilities and expertise, quality systems, and data integrity, we grasp the most valuable support comes from the ones you trust the most.

So if the unexpected occurs, we’ve got your back with:

Faster Cell Banking scheduling, extensive Cell Bank Characterization, and expansive LN2 capacity for Cell Bank Storage.
Our cell banking capabilities and comprehensive characterization services provide you with a single-source solution for all of your cell line needs. Click here to learn more about our cell banking capabilities.

In-depth Regulatory Guidance from experts who guide the regulatory updates.
We have designed our quality program to ensure that our data meets your quality expectations and global regulatory compliance requirements.

32-35 day turnaround time for Lot Release Testing.
Our specialized sample delivery and receipt process ensures seamless communication between our lab and yours and expedites your samples into our laboratory within a few days of receipt. Click here to learn more about our lot release testing.

More than 80 years of combined Viral Clearance and Viral Safety experience.
Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing is the only laboratory to offer a Viral Clearance Guarantee to ensure that your clearance goals will be met. For all stages throughout the development, manufacturing and release of your biological product, we offer comprehensive, fully cGMP-compliant Viral Safety Services. Click here to learn more about our viral clearance and viral safety testing.

Comprehensive Biologic Raw Materials Testing, including development and validation for unique methods.
Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing is well-versed in evaluating the identity, purity, potency and quality of a diverse range of materials used in a wide array of bioprocesses, using established GMP methods, as well as customized methods developed to fit unique client needs. Click here to learn more about our biologics raw materials testing.