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Our Expertise

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Solving your drug discovery issues requires a team of experts capable of harnessing the various solutions that Eurofins Pharma Discovery Services has to offer. Our Technical Director team works to understand your unique testing and reporting needs, then quickly identify the right solutions. Whether you need a study designed or assistance with data interpretation the Technical Director team is ready to be part of your team. It's our continuing commitment to scientific excellence. 

Don B. Axworthy, Senior Technical Director

Don is the Sr. Director of In Vivo Pharmacology, responsible for leading a dedicated group of Global Technical Directors specializing in selected therapeutic area drug development. For the past 7 years, Don has worked with this team to maintain and broaden a highly relevant portfolio of therapeutic efficacy and liability models. The group's combined consultative expertise and therapeutic area experience and specializations regularly contribute to our partners' compound discovery and development. The group emphasizes progressive evaluation through all level of pharmacodynamics testing, from activity screens and rank-ordering of candidates, to lead identification, selection, and translational studies.

Don's industry experience includes Section Head of Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Drug Metabolism at NeoRx Corporation, Chief Scientific Officer of Aletheon Pharmaceuticals and a Staff Scientist in the lab of Dr. Oliver Press at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center. He has over 20 years of experience in the field of targeted cancer therapy and rodent models development, and human clinical trial design, and has worked with in vitro and in vitro modeling of metabolism and pharmacokinetics for both small molecules and biologics. He has written the preclinical Pharmacology and Clinical Trial Design sections of six Phase I/II INDs and two multi‐centered Phase II INDs. As the inventor of 20 issued U.S. or foreign patents he is one of the leading authorities on the application of multi‐step radioisotope targeting for the treatment of cancer.

Utilizing a global and detailed understanding of the strategic, operational and development issues related to drug candidate evaluation, Don has an extensive network of both Clinical Oncologists and Nuclear Medicine physicians at major cancer centers through the United States. He obtained graduate training as a student of Dr. Tom Baillie in the Department of Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington and has published a book chapter and over 35 peer‐reviewed scientific papers.

Selected Publications:

Pretargeted radioimmunotherapy of mesothelin-expressing cancer using a tetravalent single-chain Fv-streptavidin fusion protein.
Sato N, Hassan R, Axworthy DB, Wong KJ, Yu S, Theodore LJ, Lin Y, Park L, Brechbiel MW, Pastan I, Paik CH, Carrasquillo JA.
J Nucl Med. 2005 Jul;46(7):1201-9.


Lynn Miesel, Global Anti-Infectives Director

Lynn Miesel is the Global Anti-Infectives Director and collaborates with Business Development and Operations to conduct efficacy studies for our international infectious disease clients. She applies more than 13 years of industry experience in anti-infectives to lead projects that use in vitro and in vivo microbiology assays to assess the efficacy of novel antibacterial and antifungal agents.

Dr. Miesel's supervisory and leadership experience in the pharmaceutical industry includes expertise in genetics, biochemistry, microbiology, pharmacology, and infectious diseases drug discovery. She has extensive experience in project design and leadership, including international external collaborations. Prior to her role with Eurofins, Dr. Miesel worked for the Merck Research Laboratories as the Biology Collaboration Lead for infectious disease research. While there, she designed and managed projects for target validation, screening, lead identification and lead optimization programs for antimicrobial and antiviral programs. Dr. Miesel served on Merck's anti-infectives licensing review committee and currently serves as an ad hoc grant reviewer for the National Institutes of Health. She has coauthored sixteen peer-reviewed publications and over twenty meeting abstracts.

Selected Publications:

Therien, A.G., J.L. Huber, K.E. Wilson, P. Beaulieu, A. Caron, D. Claveau, K. Deschamps, R.G.K. Donald, A.M. Galgoci, M. Gallant, X. Gu, N. Kevin, J. Lafleur, P.S. Leavitt, C. Lebeau-Jacob, S.S. Lee, M.M. Lin, A.A.Michels, A. Mizura, A.M. Ogawa, R. E. Painter, C.A. Parish, Y.W. Park, L. Benton-Perdomo, M. Petcu, J.W. Phillips, M.A. Powles, K.I. Skorey, J. Tam, C.M. Tan, S. Wong, K Young, S.T. Waddell, L. Miesel
Broadening the spectrum of β-lactam antibiotics through inhibition of signal peptidase type I. 
2012. Antimicrob. Agents Chemother. 56: 4662-4670.


Jacques Migeon, Ph.D. Technical Director

Dr. Jacques Migeon is a Technical Director of In Vitro Pharmacology Services. Jacques received his B.S. from Dartmouth College and Master from Johns Hopkins University in medieval art history before joining the Neurobiology graduate program at the University of Washington and receiving a Ph.D degree in Pharmacology. Jacques had completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle before joining Eurofins (via Cerep Inc.) in 1998.

After having played many diverse roles, Jacques is now a Technical Director for in vitro Pharmacology Services where he is responsible for BioPrint® Database of in vitro and in vivo drug data. Using the BioPrint® platform, he works on custom profile design as well as interpretation of pharmacological screening results. He shares responsibility for custom assay development projects and actively participates in R&D and Innovation Projects. In his spare time, he likes playing soccer and playing in bluegrass ensembles.

Selected Publications:

Peters JU, Hert J, Bissantz C, Hillebrecht A, Gerebtzoff G, Bendels S, Tillier F, Migeon J, Fischer H, Guba W, Kansy M. 
Can we discover pharmacological promiscuity early in the drug discovery process? 
Drug Discov Today. 2012 Apr;17(7-8):325-35.