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Screen with the industry’s first commercial available phosphatase profiling solution

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Reversible protein phosphorylation is critical for normal cellular function with perturbations leading to diseases such as cancer. This post-translational modification alters protein function either by relocating proteins, changing protein interaction and/or modifying their enzymatic activity. Phosphatases are the key enzymes involved in removing phosphatase groups and thus reversing the effect of kinase directed phosphorylation. Although lagging behind kinases in maturity as a therapeutic drug class, interest is growing in phosphatases, like PTP-1B, as future therapeutic targets. As with kinases, phosphatase inhibitor specificity is a major challenge for drug discovery scientists.

Through the combined expertise of Cerep, Panlabs, and PhosphataseProfiler™ services, Eurofins has developed a robust, reliable, and well-characterized solution to screen your focused chemical libraries or profile your lead compounds for their inhibitory effects on phosphatases.


 Advantages of Phosphatase Profiling with Eurofins:

  • Over 40 available assays for selectivity profiling of novel chemical entities
  • Over 10 years of experience in phosphatase profiling
  • One week turnaround time available to drive SAR
  • Single point inhibition data or 10-point IC50 curves
  • Unmatched robustness and reproducibility



Figure 1. Profiling of phosphatase inhibitors using PhosphataseProfiler™.

Representative results from PhosphataseProfiler™ screening of six compounds against a panel of phosphatases shows targeted inhibition of PP1a, PP1b, and PP2A.