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Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing UK

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Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing UK - Camberley

Prova Court,
17 Doman Road,
Camberley, GU15 3DF, UK

Tel:  +44 (0)1276 678870
Fax: +44 (0)1276 686473

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Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing UK - Camberley

Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing UK - Livingston

Queen Anne Drive,
Lochend Industrial Estate,
Newbridge, EH28 8PL, UK

Tel: +44(0) 1506 534240

Livinston, UK Site


Eurofins Biopharma Product Testing UK has provided high quality testing and development services to the pharma industry for more than 30 years. Our strong expertise and a wide range of instrumental capabilities provide one-stop integrated solutions. Our highly flexible team works closely with customers at every stage to provide tailored analytical solutions, guiding them through the testing process, reducing their costs and delivery times.

Our facilities were last audited by the MHRA in November 2015 (Edinburgh), January 2016 (Camberley) and the FDA in December 2015 (Edinburgh).

Our Services

Eurofins Biopharma Product Testing UK has extensive experience in testing a full range of raw materials, intermediates and finished sterile and non-sterile products.

Microbiology and chemistry laboratories are equipped to offer complete testing services, including extensive chromatography facilities (HPLC, GC, TLC, and GC-MS), spectroscopy (UV-VIS, AA and FTlR), metals analysis via AA,GFAA and ICP-MS, dissolution testing, physical testing of tablets, media preparation facilities and class B cleanroom with a class A isolator.

Our extensive chemistry and microbiological services include:


  • Method development & validation
  • Stability storage wide range of ICH and non ICH stability cabinets.
  • Stability Testing
  • Raw material testing
  • Method optimisation and/or revalidation
  • Product Release Testing
  • Cleaning validation studies
  • Elemental Analysis by ICP-MS (ICHQ3D experience)


  • Pathogen analysis and validation
  • Bioburden analysis and validation
  • Bacterial Endotoxin analysis and validation
  • Sterility analysis and validation (Isolator and Clean Room)


  • GMP compliant
  • FDA audited