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At Eurofins we perform infectious disease testing by serological and nucleic acid methodologies. Apart from HIV and Hepatitis testing that are routinely performed in all donors, additional screening may include EBV, Chagas, Strongylodies, Toxoplasmosis, T-lymphotropic virus and Cytomegalovirus (CMV).

Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) testing is used to successfully match organ transplant recipients with compatible donors. Matching of the donor antigens in the recipient improves long-term graft survival and lowers rejection rates as well as incidents of infection due to decreased use of immunosuppression.

After transplantation, lymphocytes and antibodies are responsible for acute and chronic rejection causing inflammation and organ damage. Patients are given immunosuppressant treatment to manage rejection. To avoid treating all patients the same way, Eurofins has developed non-invasive tests to measure patient’s immune function and rejection status, allowing personalized treatment decisions.

Immunocompromised transplant patients are particularly susceptible to several opportunistic infectious diseases. At Eurofins we offer accurate fast testing for important pathogens as CMV, BKV, HHV-6, EBV and Adenovirus among many others.

Eurofins helps physicians assess their patient’s immune status by providing testing that can aid in treatment decisions and modifications. Our proprietary ImmuKnow® assay detects cell-mediated immunity in immunosuppressed patients. We also offer a CMV T Cell Immunity panel, anti-fungal drug monitoring and CMV antiviral resistance testing.

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