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Cell based phenotypic assays

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The exact mechanisms of a disease can often be poorly understood. When there is little understanding of the disease pathology, in vitro phenotypic assays may provide more insight than target-based screening alone. Phenotypic screening allows researchers to identify new chemical entities and biomarkers without prior knowledge, or bias, of the target(s) underlying the response.  Equally important, phenotypic assays provide a systems-based approach to assess compound liability.

Our high content imaging expertise enables the detection of robust phenotypic responses and is a powerful orthogonal approach to target-based screening. With a diverse portfolio consisting of our OncoPanel™, ImmunoSignal™ and functional toxicity service platforms, Eurofins provides you with the phenotypic results you're looking for.


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OncoPanel™ ImmunoSignal™ Anti-infectives Functional Toxicity