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A tailored solution to help de-risk your compounds during the discovery phase

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Providing critical early assessment across a range of targets, our safety and liability service panels use a combination of functional and binding assays to empower you to make better decisions. When you know everything you can about your drug candidates, including potential off-target liabilities, you'll avoid costly setbacks and develop more promising compounds, faster.

Each of our safety and liabilities panels were specifically chosen for their relevance to critical diseases and biological processes, including neurotoxicity, cytotoxicity, cardiac function, immunoprotection, diabetes, inflammation, and gastrointestinal functions. These panels can provide early identification of potential adverse activity in order to help you optimize your drug's safety margins.


Profiles matched to the stage of your project:

  • Hit to lead panels
    • Designed to aid in selection of potential lead compounds from hits
    • Small number of assays to identify general selectivity and liability issues
  • Lead optimization panels
    • Greater number of assays
    • Balance between targets with known safety liabilities and those providing information on selectivity
  • Safety panels
    • Oriented more toward targets with known safety liabilities than toward providing information on selectivity
      • SafetyScreen44™ - 44 targets, recommended by four major pharmaceutical companies
      • CardiacProfiler™ - functional testing against eight Cardiac ion channels, including hERG, Nav1.5 and Cav1.2
  • Pre-IND Panels
    • Complete picture of the off-target activities of drug candidates before IND filing
      • DiversityPanel - a broad array of targets to provide a comprehensive picture of potential adverse effects
      • Bioavailability panel - provides a thorough assessment of compound bioavailability and potential drug-drug interactions


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Figure 1. In vitro pharmacology panels designed to address different needs during the drug discovery process.