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Introducing Eurofins Discovery

About Us

Eurofins Discovery has supported Drug Discovery research for over 40 years. We are recognized as the industry leader for providing drug discovery researchers the largest and most diverse portfolio of standard and custom in vitro safety & pharmacology assays and panels for drug screening and profiling.

In addition to our in vitro safety pharmacology strengths, we also offer a broad portfolio of over 3500 drug discovery services and 1800 products. These include medicinal and synthetic chemistry, in vitro pharmacology, safety pharmacology & efficacy, ADME-Tox, cell-based phenotypic assays, and custom proteins and assay development capabilities. We support a variety of drug discovery targets such as GPCRs, Kinases, Ion Channels, Nuclear Hormone Receptors and other proteins & enzymes.

The scientific and operational expertise provided by Eurofins Discovery global teams contributes insight and added value to our clients' drug discovery programs. Our teams have broad drug discovery capabilities and proven experience in meeting a wide variety of project objectives successfully with respect to the delivery of quality data and on-time performance. We have robust, efficient processes and quality systems in place for handling a variety of types and volumes of samples and on-time delivery of reports.

Our broad global service capabilities and decades of experience in providing drug discovery services result in the delivery of high quality, reproducible study performance with few repeats and high client satisfaction. The Eurofins Discovery's capabilities, expertise, knowledge and skill sets enable us to provide our clients the benefit of being able to work with a single outsourcing provider (CRO) for their drug discovery programs.

Our History

The Eurofins Discovery team was built by bringing together the market-leading discovery expertise of Panlabs (acquired in 2012 from Ricerca), Cerep (acquired in 2013), EMD Millipore's Discovery & Development Solutions business (acquired from Merck KGaA in 2014), Villapharma Research (acquired in 2017), DiscoverX (acquired 2017), and Selcia Drug Discovery (acquired 2018). With over 600 people in seven operational sites worldwide: St. Charles, MO (USA), Fremont, CA (USA), San Diego, CA (USA), Essex (UK), Celle Lévescault (France), Taipei (Taiwan), and Murcia (Spain) our global team offers the high quality, reliable solutions and support our clients depend on to advance their drug discovery programs

Combining our broad, high quality, industry leading drug discovery products & services portfolios together enables us to support our global clients with one of the industry’s largest and broadest portfolios.

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