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Take Eurofins PSS Insourcing Solutions home with you anywhere in the world

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Beth DiPaolo, President and Global Head, Eurofins PSS Insourcing Solutions,

Nearly 18 years ago, a client asked Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories to reverse its laboratory service model. He said, “You run great laboratories and have excellent HR practices, but there is some work we won’t outsource. Will you combine the two and come run our labs and bring your services in house?” At that moment Professional Scientific Services (PSS) was born.

From that initial client, who Eurofins PSS Insourcing Solutions still continuously serves, PSS has grown exponentially, expanding around the globe now managing the largest bio/pharmaceutical clients’ drug development programs at over 70 client sites and nearly 20 countries. PSS is a popular and trusted service model for clients who wish to keep proprietary testing in-house as an alternate to outsourcing work. Since Eurofins PSS hires, trains, and manages its employees to perform clients’ defined scope of laboratory services, clients are also able to focus on other drug development priorities.

In addition to Biopharmaceutical lab management, Eurofins PSS provides services in the Environment and Food industries from early phase research and development to finished product testing with expertise in all relevant global regulations. PSS teams not only set up and provide scientific services, but also find ways to do it faster, better, and more cost-effectively for clients through proactive KPI’s, a spirit of positivity, and LEAN continuous process improvements that generate cost savings. Clients challenged with the struggles of staff augmentation and attempting to hire and train temporaries, find this continuous service model, which is compliant with country laws, an astute business decision.

The PSS guiding principle is constant – find great people, take great care of them, so they in turn will take great care of clients. That’s why PSS has been recognised by clients with strategic partnership awards 12 times in the last 11 years. Bringing nearly 60 years of GMP quality testing and in-house laboratory management expertise to clients’ global sites, award-winning PSS delivers compliant, co-employment free, and cost-effective services and gives clients the security of keeping their projects safely tucked away at any of their sites. With Eurofins PSS, clients enjoy the best of both worlds.

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