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Eurofins clinical diagnostics has a broad portfolio of tests focused on cancer predisposition and cancer risk monitoring. These novel tests make possible early cancer diagnosis for high risk individuals.

Serum biomarkers have been used for many years to help in cancer diagnosis. The alteration of any of the serum markers indicates an organ malfunction which could be caused by cancer. A confirmatory diagnosis by other means will then follow. If cancer diagnosis is confirmed, tumor characterization through biopsy will be the next step. Genetic testing offers molecular tumor profiling which provides a full picture of the clinical situation.

Advances in genetics and proteomics allow for a personalized treatment of patients that translates in lower risk of recurrence and so better prognosis. At Eurofins we are committed to contribute to personalized medicine and have invested heavily in new genetic tests to offer the best possible care to patients and increase their life expectancy. 

Molecular characterization of tumors or tumor profiling has enabled the creation of a molecular classification that is used for diagnosis and treatment definition but also for patient prognosis. At Eurofins we offer DNA- and RNA-based tests as well as proteomics that combined with the patient’s clinical history inform on cancer staging and malignancy level.

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