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Dermal absorption studies

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Eurofins proposes specific solutions for topical formulations.

Dermal absorption studies with Franz cells.

Thanks to the services of Eurofins ADME BIOANALYSES we can design a screening test to compare the skin penetration of different molecules or different formulations and to help you with the selection of the best one according your expectations.

Our dedicated team works according to regulations (OECD 428 guidance).

These studies can be conducted on animal or human skin, fresh or frozen using either radiolabeled or non radiolabeled compound.

In vivo dermal absorption studies.

Eurofins ADME BIOANALYSES is well experienced with dermal absorption studies  to measure the penetration of a molecule through the skin. We can determine different parameters; please refer also to ADME Studies and work according to official regulations (OECD 427 guidance). 


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