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Women's Health

Hormonal disorders can explain early or delayed sexual development and menstrual irregularities. We offer testing to help diagnose those disorders as well as  thrombosis risk profiles for those taking the pill. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) panels for fast and easy diagnosis are also available at Eurofins

During reproductive age, we offer hormonal and genetic testing that can help in the diagnosis of conditions that influence fertility. We also specialize in genetic, hormonal and immunological tests to help identify and manage the cause of miscarriages as soon as possible. For women who are experiencing difficulties in getting pregnant, we service medically assisted procreation (MAP) centers with a broad variety of tests.

At Eurofins Clinical Diagnostics we are leaders in prenatal testing offering non-invasive methods (NIPT) for common aneuploidies (e.g. Down Syndrome) as well as for de novo and inherited disorders. We also perform testing for fetomaternal infections, pre-eclampsia diagnosis and RhD status.

Breast and ovarian cancers are among the most common ones in women. From predisposition testing for those looking for reassurance, to determination of biomarkers for prognosis for those undergoing cancer treatment, we help healthcare professionals provide the best care for their patients.

Our bone resorption markers testing can detect products of bone remodeling in blood and urine that could indicate an increased risk of bone fractures. These tests are also used to monitor treatment efficiency for women under drug therapy for osteoporosis.

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