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Clinical Trials

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Recognized clinical expertise and inclusive services

Our clinical development activity is part of the integrated approach of Eurofins' pharma services. Our customers find in Eurofins ׀ Optimed a reliable partner to conduct clinical trials.

We have a broad and longstanding experience working with pharmaceutical, biotechnological and agro-food companies in managing and conducting their clinical studies. We recognized the need of our clients not to get only data from their studies but to have also a full service. With Eurofins ׀ Optimed we are going beyond and are building trust through consultancy, expertise, customization and quality. We are committed to ensuring volunteers' safety, data accuracy and high quality services. 

Full clinical trial services

We offer a complete range of services operating in Europe, USA and Asia:

  • Strategic & Regulatory support
  • Healthy Volunteers and Ambulatory Patients studies (own Clinical Pharmacology Unit in France – 60 beds)
  • Patients studies Network of Investigators
  • Full project management of your trials (monitoring, IP management, central lab, bioanalyses… )
  • Site management organization, logistics, and on-site assistance
  • Biometrics (data management, statistics, e-CRF, medical writing)

According to your needs, we can manage all the steps of your trial from the study conception, vendors’ qualification, sites‘ selection until the monitoring of the data and the final analysis.

Phase I and IIa study under highest standards

In order to obtain the best quality for your clinical studies, Eurofins Optimed has a 60-bed ClinPharm Unit in Grenoble, with 12 intensive monitoring beds.

These units are run by an efficient and experienced team of clinical research professionals: physicians, pharmacists, nurses, clinical trial technicians. Eurofins Optimed has efficient recruitment capacities, thanks to a database of over 30,000 rigorously selected healthy volunteers and specific populations.

With 30 years of experience in Early Clinical Development, Eurofins Optimed can undertake many type of studies:

  • First Into Human studies: single and multiple ascending dose, Food / Gender /Age effect...
  • Pharmacokinetic studies: drug-drug interactions, bioavailability, bioequivalence, food/alcohol interaction …
  • Pharmacodynamic studies: QT/QTc studies …

Thanks to Eurofins Optimed's up-to-date equipment in various fields of research, we ensure the success of the relevance of your study:

  • Neurology (Sleep lab, EEG, Psychometric Tests etc.)
  • Cardiovascular (ECG monitoring, Telemetry, Exercise test etc.)
  • Respiratory (Sputum collection, Spirometry etc.)
  • Hematology (Platelet aggregation etc.)
  • Biological markers

With Eurofins Optimed, we can help you to achieve this important milestone in drug development. Beyond this we can speed up the full development phase with our outstanding supporting services, such as clinical trial logisticsbioanalysiscentral laboratory analysis, genomic analysis, etc…. At Eurofins, your compound and project are in the best hands.