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Pharma Newsletters >> Eurofins BioPharma Services Newsletter 22 - February 2019 >> Integrated Drug Discovery

Eurofins offers Integrated Drug Discovery programme options

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by Dr. Vicky Steadman, Integrated Drug Discovery Business Line Leader, Eurofins Pharma Discovery Services

When considering using the services of a Contract Research Organisation (CRO) to work on a drug discovery project, companies have to decide on their outsourcing strategy. Some prefer to use a wide variety of different suppliers, seeking the best specialists for different components of the drug discovery process. Others prefer to work with CRO providers who can integrate the services and provide integrated drug discovery (IDD), where a multi-disciplinary project team’s drug discovery experience is brought on behalf of the client’s drug discovery project. Eurofins Pharma Discovery Services can offer customers both of these options.

There are multiple advantages to customers of working with an IDD provider. Contractually, IDD typically operates under a single Master Services Agreement (MSA) with work orders governing the research to be carried out, thereby keeping to a minimum the contractual burden on the company. Additionally, a project manager within the CRO will manage the CRO’s multi-disciplinary operations, therefore reducing the project management required at the outsourcing company, compared to working with multiple different suppliers.

The drug discovery companies that were acquired by Eurofins each offer different services in the drug discovery process. These companies were brought together in one subdivision - Eurofins Pharma Discovery Services - to offer a full portfolio of services to assist the customer in their drug discovery research. Joining Eurofins in December 2017, Eurofins Selcia Drug Discovery completed the portfolio of services. Selcia Drug Discovery has a 10-year track record of offering integrated drug discovery projects to customers, whereby experienced multidisciplinary drug hunters (employees who were from big Pharma) work as a project team supporting customers with innovative drug screening cascade and medicinal chemistry design, with the goal of identification of a pre-clinical drug candidate. Harnessing the combined capabilities of the Eurofins Pharma Discovery portfolio of services in these IDD projects allows Eurofins to enhance customers’ outsourcing drug discovery experience and evolve with the market needs.

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