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GPCR Screening and Profiling with Binding Assays

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Radioligand Binding Services

Radioligand binding is the gold standard method for detecting compound interaction with GPCRs, allowing for the simplest interpretation of assay results. A favorite of medicinal chemists, radioligand displacement assays can be used for simple yes/no interaction determination or to calculate a compound's affinity for a receptor of interest. Along with functional assays, binding studies can provide a complete profile of a compound's in vitro pharmacology.

Eurofins is the market leader for outsourced radioligand binding studies. With origins in Cerep and Panlabs, we have been successfully conducting GPCR binding studies for decades. Our binding assays use the gold standard filtration method for highest assay robustness. The majority of our assays are conducted with membrane preparations produced in-house to control for the quality of these critical reagents and ensure data reproducibility.

undefinedAdvantages of our binding assay services:

  • Gold standard filtration assays
  • Over 125 of targets covered
  • Single concentration screening or dose response for IC50 determinations
  • Experience - first company to provide outsourced binding assays
  • A la cart selection and a variety of standard panels to choose from
  • Majority of membrane preps produced inhouse
  • Capacity: >10 of scintillation counters
  • Assays available using either radiolabeled antagonists or agonists
  • Quick turnaround times of 1-3 weeks depending on project types

Figure 1.  Multiple ligand
pharmacology on the GLP-1 receptor.

Normalized specific binding
of multiple cold ligands in increasing concentration with a single
concentration of [125I] GLP-1(7-36) (0.025 nM), demonstrating assay platform