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Outsource your custom protein expression and purification

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If your intent is to use protein for enzymatic assays, as substrates in biophysical assays (e.g., surface plasmon resonance (SPR)), for crystallography or nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), we can produce the proteins with the specifications that match your application. Our protein expression experts share a wealth of experience in recombinant protein expression and have produced >400 protein products, all of which are made to demanding control parameters (typically including: ≥ 80% protein purity, ≥ 0.5 mg/L yield, and specified activity for protein kinases).

We have a robust manufacturing process that is highly controlled and documented at every stage with a manufacturing batch record. As a milestone, we can produce a batch of pilot scale material for your in-house testing before you commit to a large scale project.

Our custom protein production and purification skills are unmatched and can be applied to suit your unique needs. We offer bulk manufacturing as well as wild type, mutant, and ortholog proteins. Contact us today to speak with our protein specialists.

Protein expression and purification capabilities:

  • Expression systems
    • E. coli
    • Baculovirus
    • Mammalian (CHO, HEK)
  • Purification expertise
    • IMAC
    • Ion exchange
    • Gel filtration
    • Affinity chromatography
  • Expression scales and capacities
    • Shake flask (50mL - 1L) - 700L/month capacity
    • Benchtop bioreactors (5L and 10L) - 250L/month capacity
  • Expression scales and capacities
    • SDS Page
    • Purity estimation
    • Mass spectrometry
    • Western blot
    • Activity assay (if available)