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The Importance of Reliable Biomarker Testing Services

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Biomarkers have rapidly become an essential part of clinical research, allowing scientists to measure how certain diseases are progressing or how they are responding to treatment. As biomarkers further ingrain themselves into the drug development process, identifying a reliable and valid biomarker has become critical for bringing new and effective therapeutics to market.

No matter which therapeutic area you are working in, Eurofins offers reliable biomarker testing services and an extensive menu of nearly 200 biomarkers, which covers a broad range of instrumentation platforms, species, and matrices. We provide additional expertise outside of this menu and leverage our bioanalytical expertise to develop and validate genomic, protein, and flow cytometry biomarkers.

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From Biomarker Assay Development to Validation

Eurofins can provide you with unmatched experience in biomarker assay development, validation and analysis. As your biomarker analysis partner, you can be assured that we will apply the optimal solution to address your needs at any part of your biomarker journey, for everything from custom and exploratory studies to regulated studies.

Custom Biomarker Assay Development and Exploratory Biomarker Services

Need to develop a specific, sensitive, validated assay for the most informative, predictive, relevant biomarkers?

Our biomarker assay development services utilize our integrated biomarker solution to provide a full spectrum of assay development capabilities, including novel biomarker assays, for your protein research. 

Developing novel biomarker assays can require a great deal of time, a high level of expertise, and often comes at an incredibly high expense. Commercially available biomarker assay kits are a less resource-intensive alternative to support drug development programs at a lower price. These kits also offer the benefits of portability, expedited analytical solutions, and in most cases, ease of operation.

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Validated, Fit-For-Purpose Biomarker Services

Validation of analytical methods is crucial in generating data to be used in support of regulatory submissions. Following the most up-to-date industry guidelines, we offer you our full consultation services, comprehensive assay validation, and/or cross-validation service. We validate using a fit-for-purpose approach that matches the nature of your assay and the stage in drug development. Additionally, Eurofins offers:

  • Full GxP compliance
  • Unsurpassed experience
  • Adherence to current industry guidelines
  • Single- and multiplex assays

 Eurofins provides the technical expertise, quality assurance and peace of mind that is essential when considering an outsourcing partner for preclinical through clinical regulated sample analysis.

Biomarker Assessment Using Diverse Platforms

Whether you are in the exploratory or validation stage, we can help you make the best choice for biomarker assessment that leverages the instruments and platforms that are right for you. Our laboratories are equipped with the latest instrumentation, providing flexible services for your evolving biomarker analysis requirements.

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Biomarker Immunoassays

No time, no instrument? We offer one of the largest portfolios of biomarker assays - including RIAs, ELISAs, and MILLIPLEX®MAP assays.

Ship us your samples, and we'll run the assay and send back validated, high quality data you can count on to advance your research.

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Our Additional Biomarker Assessment Services

Flow Cytometry

With the capacity to simultaneously measure multiple parameters on hundreds of individual cells per second, flow cytometry is a powerful technology with a wide variety of applications in pharmaceutical development. With over 20 years of experience in flow cytometry, we have a wide range of experience in developing and validating assays to suit your different requirements including immunophenotyping, detection of intracellular and extracellular markers, and antigen binding assays.

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Genomic Analysis

Our genomic biomarker analysis services are coordinated with our other biomarker platforms to give you a unique, cross-sectional view of their systems, enabling confident pipeline decisions.

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Our Philosophy

As the importance of validated biomarkers continue to grow, Eurofins provides a range of services, from biomarker assay development to validation using diverse platforms.

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