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Eurofins Kit Packing and Distribution Services – anything, anywhere

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Sandra Hageman, Product Marketing Manager, Eurofins Central Laboratory,

In clinical trials, it is of pivotal importance that any clinical trial sample taken from volunteers and patients is analysed and reported to meet the objectives and purpose of the clinical study protocol. To ensure specimen integrity with the current increasing complexity in study protocols and geographic areas used, Eurofins Central Laboratory has used its 20+ years of experience in kit packing and logistics services to ignite a new business model for its Global Kit Packing and Distribution Services.

Building on the expertise of supplying Clinical Trial Investigator Sites with customised specimen collection and transportation kits, Eurofins Central Laboratory refreshed its layout to become a turnkey provider which deploys globally standardised processes, enabling high quality GMP and FDA compliant kits to be distributed worldwide.

Its Kit Packing and Distribution Services are not only offered in conjunction with a clinical trial protocol, but are now also available as a clinical and non-clinical stand-alone service to BioPharmaceutical customers and Eurofins affiliates alike.

For the past three years, Eurofins Central Laboratory has used a green field approach for its wholly owned and managed Kit Packing Facility in the Netherlands. This has translated into a clear design of the work floor based on the kit packing workflow, colour-based zoning to support the processes and an optimised layout of warehousing. The design of the facility is based on the lean principles that create value, efficient flow, and continuous improvement to better meet customer needs.

The layout of this Kit Packing Facility was recently copied to the Eurofins Genomics multi-functional hub in Louisville, KY, to create a US based counterpart. With hundreds of thousands of kits distributed in 2015, Eurofins supplies optimally-designed, easy to use, intuitive visit-specific specimen collection and transportation kits that incorporate all relevant materials and forms for handling and shipping to Eurofins Global Central Laboratory or other Eurofins laboratories for analysis.