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Pharma Newsletters >> Eurofins Pharma Services Newsletter 14 - June 2016 >> Customisable clinical trial testing

Viracor-IBT helps advance drug development through customisable clinical trial testing

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Danai A. Wells, Marketing Manager, Viracor-IBT Laboratories,

Pharma companies may struggle to find a laboratory that has the experience and expertise required for custom study needs-- one that actually delivers outstanding service with the ability to be flexible, while going above and beyond to ensure milestones are met. Viracor-IBT has the ability to perform high-complexity testing on multiple assay platforms and to fully customise this type of testing for clinical trials. Additionally, Viracor-IBT works on the trial sponsor’s schedule to support drug development through responsive timelines. As a CAP/CLIA accredited laboratory, Viracor-IBT provides clinical trial testing for phase I-IV trials. Dedicated research, testing and project management teams focused on exceptional delivery and quality make Viracor-IBT Laboratories a leader in the industry.

For example, one pharma company* leveraged Viracor- IBT’s expertise to develop an all-encompassing sample testing plan to evaluate viral load, anti-viral resistance and cell-mediated immunity. Another company* contracted Viracor-IBT to perform clinical trial testing to evaluate the study subject’s immune response with a combination of IgE testing in conjunction with a custom-designed assay for antigen-specific basophil activation. By combining a number of high-complexity testing methods, these clients were able to gain the full picture of a trial subject’s response to the study drug.

On behalf of the team I wanted to thank Viracor-IBT Laboratories for your many contributions to this trial and your flexibility in working with us on this fast-moving study. Few companies and individuals have the ability to contribute to such an invaluable goal, but even fewer rise to this opportunity. Viracor-IBT Laboratories did, and for this, we, our sites and the patients/their families are incredibly grateful. With warmest regards, MD, VP Clinical Research” *

With 30+ years of specialised experience in vaccine safety and efficacy assessment, molecular infectious disease testing, immune response monitoring, allergy and hypersensitivity testing, Viracor-IBT is an expert in assay design, optimisation, and custom assay transfer and validation programs designed to advance drug development.

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*Names withheld for confidentiality.