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Indoor Air Comfort certification - next step in development

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Eurofins "Indoor Air Comfort" product certification has issued next version of its specifications, version 3.1.

Main changes are:

  • New French VOC emissions classes were integrated
  • New category for paints and coatings was included

The product groups for which an Indoor Air Comfort label can be achieved now are:

  • Textile floor coverings (according to EN 14041);
  • Resilient floor coverings (according to EN 14041);
  • Wooden floorings;
  • Insulation materials (EN 13162 until EN 13171);
  • Gypsum boards (EN 520);
  • Adhesives, levelling compounds, primers, sealants, sealings (if labelled with an EMICODE);
  • Paints and coatings;
  • Furniture;
  • Other building materials.

The website was revised and upgraded with more information, and with links to updated information and documents.

Eurofins "Indoor Air Comfort" product certification is a Pan-European certification program for showing low VOC emissions from products into indoor air:

Standard level "Indoor Air Comfort - certified product" shows compliance of product emissions with all regulatory specifications issued by authorities in the European Union and its Member States.

Higher level "Indoor Air Comfort GOLD - certified product" in addition to the above shows compliance of product emissions with the voluntary specifications issued by all relevant ecolabels and similar specifications in the EU.

For more information please see the original webpages: