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Eurofins Product Testing - Food Packaging and Food Contact Material Testing

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Eurofins offer broad range of migration testing and consultancy on food packaging and all other kind of food contact materials

Food packaging and food packaging materials should be safe and should not transfer their components into food in unacceptable quantities. European Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 defines fundamental requirements on food packaging and other food contact materials. According to Article 3, food packaging materials shall not transfer their ingredients to food in quantities that may endanger human health, thus migration of toxicological substances must not exceed certain limits. Additionally, food packaging may not bring about an unacceptable change in the composition of the food, what is generally understood as overall migration and food packaging may not deteriorate aroma or taste.

You can also read more about food contact material on the EU Commission webpage on food contact materials.

Eurofins Product Testing Service and Consultancy on food packaging helps you with:

  • Consultancy and Compliance strategies for food packaging materials
  • Overall migration testing acc. to EN 1186 on food packaging made from plastic
  • Specific migration testing acc. to EN 13130 on food packaging from plastic
  • Residual monomer testing on food packaging materials
  • Consultancy and Services on food packaging made from non - plastic materials like
    • Paper and Board packaging materials
    • Metallic food packaging
    • Screw caps
    Information in poland Polish:
    • Food contact materials
    • FCM - declaration of compliance
    • Food packaging migration
    • Test of food packaging material

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