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About Us

Your industry, our focus


Eurofins Group

Eurofins is most likely the fastest growing laboratory network and unquestionably the one with best financial results over the past years, rapidly expanding and gaining market share by means of a healthy organic growth as well as through merging and acquisitions, thanks to which the group increasingly widens its scope of services and geographical coverage.

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Such success is only possible thanks to the high standard of quality service, attentiveness or our staff, flexibility and prompt responsiveness that our laboratories constantly deliver, according to the corporate values in pursuit of the corporate mission.

Eurofins Consumer Product Testing within Eurofins Scientific

Within the Eurofins group of companies, “Consumer Product Testing” is the youngest division.

The Consumer Product Testing Division, focused on non-food consumer products, hereinafter named “Eurofins PT” is known for its flexible approach and capability to deliver customized solutions in the fields of quality assurance and control.

Through our network of laboratories and technical experts, “Eurofins PT” is ideally positioned to support the client’s increasingly stringent quality and safety standards, as well as the ever-changing demands of regulatory authorities around the world.

Values, vision and mission

While sharing the global corporate values and mission of the Eurofins group of companies, “Eurofins PT” stands out for its strategical vision:

Our corporate and divisional values, vision and mission ensure we will deploy customized standard operating procedures to protect the client’s brands and meet this corporation’s needs in terms of product safety, quality, marketability and compliance, while building a strategic partnership aiming to fully support the client´s vison:

To create intimate and global partnerships with clients by offering a complete, seamless service, becoming “the one-stop solution provider” able to act as a functional extension of the clients’ Quality Assurance, merchandising and logistics departments.

“to create a better everyday life for the many people.”

Key facts and figures

Mirroring Eurofins’ group of companies’ success, and thanks to efficiently capitalizing on experience and empathy with customers, in-depth industry and product knowledge and upstream approach, the Consumer Products Testing Division is meritoriously exceeding business expectations and proudly continues thriving and striving to improve, to deliver even better services with wider coverage.

Key facts

  • Over 1500 staff
  • Present in 26 countries
  • Expanding network of more than 50 specialized laboratories throughout
    • Europe,
    • Asia-Pacific
    • and North America

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Focus, the key to success. Competence centres.

The rationale behind our competence centres

Each of our laboratories conducts routine testing, performance testing and quality assurance consultancy services, usually enhanced by a speciality and thus acting as a competence centre.

Historically, each competence centre (whether set up by Eurofins or as a result of a merging or acquisition) maintains its original fields of specialization, just keeping abreast of the industry trends and continuously improving and enlarging their capabilities.

This allows us to focus on individual areas and, as a result, provide expert advice to our customers.

Industry knowledge

Competency is paramount in our business development.

Our global leadership has been earned by our ability to provide world-class analytical testing and quality assurance and control solutions that meet the needs of our diverse and exigent clientele.

In fact, it is thanks to our rich expertise in the laboratory environment that we are able to provide a seamless service from the assessment and qualification of a pre-production sample down to market surveillance testing plans in the destination countries.

With this aim, and in order to guarantee that industry and product knowledge is made available to all involved staff throughout our network, we have set up a technical and clerical organization interwoven between field operations (lab testing services or onsite audits and inspections), regulatory technical experts and account managers.

Eurofins’ technical back up

Our scientists, researchers, and technical experts are knowledgeable in Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and have thorough understanding of method development and validation.

Our teams stay current on practices by attending internal and external industry workshops and invitational research events.

Further continuing education and training regarding the specific industry of each of our competence centres are regularly provided to staff, to keep them constantly abreast about new practices and trends according to the regulatory updates of this ever changing and challenging, international regulatory environment.

Active player in the regulatory and market surveillance environments

Eurofins is a dynamic participant in market surveillance actions, serving several consumer organizations, among which:

  • The French Qué Choisir and 60 Millions de Consommateurs
  • The Belgian Test Achats
  • The German ÖKO TEST
  • The Italian ALTROCONSUMO
  • The Swedish TEST FAKTA

In addition, our technical managers are actively involved in industry events, organizing as well as attending seminars and webinars and taking part in standardization committees.


Environmental policy statement

Eurofins has a well-established reputation for environmental awareness, investment and action.

On top of that, we believe that effectiveness in environmental sustainability requires an approach that also delivers positive social and economic benefits on people, communities, the economy and the future of the planet.

Key points and actions to achieve this:

  • Minimizing waste by evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible.
  • Actively promoting recycling, both internally and externally: amongst customers, suppliers and stakeholders.
  • Implementing a training program (periodically reviewed) for our staff to maintain and raise awareness of environmental issues and enlist their support in improving their own and the company's performance.
  • Performing regular internal audits to check for the correct understanding and implementation of the above mentioned program.
  • Meet or exceed all environmental legislation of the countries where Eurofins PT operates.
  • Accepting responsibility for the harmful effects our operations might have on local and global environment and committing to reduce them, measuring its impact on the environment and setting targets for ongoing improvement.
  • Implementing Lean programs in our processes to eliminate wastes while improving efficiency.
  • Encouraging the adoption of similar principles by our stakeholders, clients and suppliers.
  • Taking a proactive position in providing sustainability assessment, including in our offer a range of "green services" by means of which our clients' corporations can implement environmental practices without disrupting the overall corporate thriving.

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Quality Policy

The Quality Management Systems are established, implemented and maintained by the corresponding QA departments in each of our units, under supervision of the Management, and are applicable to the respective fields of services and activities.

All systems, programs, procedures and instructions are documented to the necessary extend, as to enable the staff to ensure that all services do satisfy the customer's requirements.

Safety and Health Policy

Based on the fact that we consider our people as our most valuable asset, Safety and Health are of paramount importance to Eurofins PT.

Our SHP standards are consistent with international best practices and we ensure its ongoing suitability and effectiveness at all levels across the organization.

Key points and actions:

  • Each Eurofins PT employee has a responsibility to minimize Safety and Health risks through compliance with regulations and internal protocols and the obligation to promote an effective SHP corporate culture.
  • Management and supervisors are accountable for the health and safety of all staff at offices, labs and external worksites, and responsible to transmit to their respective teams the corresponding SOP, Code of Conduct and Safety and Health Policy.
  • Every employee is responsible for his safe performance and health, and of those around them.
  • Safe behaviours are an integral part of every task we perform.

We all have the responsibility to intervene -and report to the management- when we notice an unsafe condition or behaviour, within the corporate premises or during performance of our job on behalf of our clients at the suppliers' worksites or while on the road.

  • Off the job safety is also considered by Eurofins PT employees as fundamental.

To this end, we take a collaborative approach:

  • involving our employees in embracing this commitment;
  • providing the staff with internal, regular training on the subject;
  • reviewing periodically our policy statements, and operating manuals and improving systems whenever needed;
  • matching our internal procedures and policies with those provided by our customers, to ensure process alignment;
  • performing regular internal audits to check for the correct understanding and implementation of all above.

Eurofins PT strives to be a leading performer in our industry by embracing this commitment within and beyond our corporate structure.

health and safety

Staff -  Our people are our most valuable asset

The quality of our service depends clearly on the skills, capability, flexibility and drive of our staff.

Eurofins considers its workforce as the single biggest contributor to its ambition to be the leading player in the testing market.

The Company is enriched by the successful integration of many different cultures illustrated by five different nationalities on the Group Operating Council alone.

Recruitment, Remuneration and Gender Equality

The Company believes that the good selection, training, development and management of employees, in particular with regards to their competences and skill levels, have resulted in the enhancement of our operational performance. This requires high-quality recruitment and training as well as an attractive wage policy designed to encourage both the individual and collective performance. On this basis our objective is equality of treatment between male and female employees in each subsidiary within the Group.

Disability Policy

Eurofins companies advocate equal opportunities and provide people with disabilities the same consideration as others, whether they are already Eurofins employees or applicants. Eurofins cultivates a work environment where professional advancement is based solely on an individual's aptitude, performance and contribution.


Our training programs are designed to allow our staff to keep up to date with the latest developments in the industry, as well as the fast-moving IT environment.


Collective Agreements and Work Councils

There are a number of collective agreements within subsidiaries and affiliates.

Dedication and ease of communication

Our goal is to work as a key partner to our clients to provide services that meet their requirements. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to customer needs and develop tailor-made, yet affordable, solutions that align with customer objectives.

Our dedicated account and customer-service personnel will ensure your needs are met in a thorough and timely manner.

Customers also have direct access to our technical experts to address any needed request for clarification.

  • Confidentiality handling

Eurofins’ staffs adhere to strict confidentiality standards and will not release any client information without consent.

All test results, audit or inspection reports, and any other confidential information would only be shared with the Eurofins employees directly involved in the specific client’s projects and with the approved contacts within the customer’s corporation, being handled in strict confidence and not being released to any third persons or parties without prior authorization of the client.

  • Operating performance and compliance control

To ensure our staff performs their duties in accordance with the corporate values, lean processes and strict controls are deployed throughout our organization among which:

  • Full management reviews on monthly basis to review all procedures, customer complaints & company operations.
  • Corrective actions are worked out as soon as any departures from standards are detected.
  • Continuous training programs and technical alignment across our network of laboratories.
  • Technical updates and regulatory knowledge are spread via newsletters and filed into databases, accessible across the organization, ensuring that information is made available uniformly.

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