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Eurofins | Newsflash - April 2018 | Textile and Consumer Goods

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

US (California) - Textile


Proposal of New Labelling Requirements for Polyester Clothes


On 14th February, the California General Assembly published the Bill proposal “AB 2379 Waste management: polyester microfiber”


This bill would introduce different labelling requirements for clothes made from fabric composed of more than 50% synthetic material. It would not be allowed to sell or offer for sale these products unless the clothing is labeled according to this Bill


If finally approved, these requirements would apply from January 1, 2020.


Click here for getting the official publication in the California Legislative Information website.


Europe/International – Consumer Goods

New Standard for Ceramic Knives


In March 2018, the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) has published standard EN ISO 8442-9:2018 , equivalent to “ISO 8442-9:2018 - Materials and articles in contact with foodstuffs - Cutlery and table holloware - Part 9: Requirements for ceramic knivesfor Ceramic knives”

This standard specifies material and performance requirements and test methods for Ceramic blades of knives used in the preparation of food, such as hardness, sharpness, thermal shock, dishwasher safety,…within others.

here to access ISO website.

here to access CEN website.


Sweden - Consumer Goods


Language Requirements for Electronic Cigarettes and Refill Containers


On 20th February, Sweden notified the European Commission about proposal: “Regulations on electronic cigarettes and refill containers”


The aim of this proposed Regulation is to impose language requirement (in Swedish) on the information leaflet and the list of ingredients because current legislation in place does not have any language requirements regarding electronic cigarettes.


Click here for getting Notification 2018/71/S from the European Commission’s website.


China - Consumer Goods

China Compulsory Certification (CCC) Marking – Updates


On 15th March 2018, The “Certification and Accreditation Administration” (CNCA) released a notification regarding updates to the China Compulsory Certification Marking. These updates came into force on 20th March 2018.

Details are as follows:

 Manufacturers are now permitted to print or impress the CCC Marking in accordance with the “Regulations on Management of China Compulsory Certification Marking”. Manufacturers are no longer required to submit a draft proposal of the label with the CCC Marking present to the Regulator for prior review and to obtain a permission license.

The CCC Marking has now been simplified and may no longer include annotations such as S (Safety), EMC, S&E (Safety and EMC) and F (Firework). The previous version of the CCC Marking can be eliminated naturally during product inventory or production transition.

The complete notification can be found
here (in Chinese).


Mexico - Consumer Goods


Draft Proposal for Labelling and Packaging of Hygiene Products for Household Use


On 13 March 2018, Mexico notified the World Trade Organization (WTO) about Draft Mexican Official Standard “PROY-NOM-189-SSA1/SCFI-2016 Products and services. Labelling and packaging for hygiene products for household use”


The aim of this draft proposal is to define labelling and packaging requirements for hygiene products for household use in order for customers to be informed about the use and hazards of this type of products.


 Click here for getting the notification details.