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LEED - US GBC published some updated documents

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Monday, October 14, 2013

While we are awaiting the publication of the next version of LEED (version 4), the present version will be used continuously with several building projects. Therefore the October 2013 addenda and revisions of LEED 2009 version can be relevant for actors in this field.

A number of alternative compliance paths for VOC determination were included. This makes it easier for LEED projects outside the USA to identify low-emitting products, tested with European standards, without the need to re-test the products with US standards. The solutions go less far than the next LEED version will do, but nevertheless they can be helpful.

You can see the updates here:

And US GBC published an overview over the International Alternative Compliance Paths (ACP) for Interior Design, where application of US standard makes less sense than using local standards.

The other LEED catalogues remain unchanged since their updates earler this year:

Updated July 2013:

Updated April 2013:

You can also click for seeing an overview on LEED in general, and VOC aspects of the new version, LEEDv4.

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