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New LEED version 4 now available - opportunities for manufacturers

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Monday, November 25, 2013

The new version LEED v4 is available since November 2013. The new version brings substantial changes and improvements. During a transition phase, projects can select either LEED 2009 or LEED v4. In that period, manufacturers of products will face requests whether their products comply with LEED both with respect to the old and the new version.

LEED compliance of products

Motivation for showing LEED® compliance of a product is to show to LEED® building projects that use of a specific product helps collecting points in the certification process. This may give access to LEED® projects that typically are large buildings with high material consumption. Demonstrating LEED® compliance of a product can be an important tool in marketing strategy. Products can show compliance with these LEED® credits:

  • Interiors life-cycle impact reduction (recycling / reuse)
  • Building product disclosure and optimization - environmental product declarations
  • Building product disclosure and optimization - sourcing of raw materials
  • Building product disclosure and optimization - material ingredients
  • Construction and demolition waste management
  • Low-emitting materials
  • Innovation and Pilot Credits

Between one and three points can be earned if the specifications on low VOC emissions are fulfilled partly or completely. There are two pathways of compliance:

  • Pathway 1: Product Approach, where all products out of several product categories are evaluated.
  • Pathway 2: Systems Approach, where all products going into several systems are evaluated.

Low VOC requirements

Compliant low VOC labels

US GBC operates a list of common low VOC rating systems that allow showing product compliance. Some of them are directly compliant, such as the Indoor Air Comfort GOLD program; other ones are compliant only if the test report shows low formaldehyde emissions of max. 10 µg/m³ after 28 days the reference room, in line with the French A+ class. The list of compliant rating systems can be seen on US GBC website.