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Market Surveillance on Building Components in contact with drinking water (GDV)

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

During the Autumn 2017 The Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority will conduct a market surveillance on Building Components in contact with drinking water.

The market surveillance will be done to ensure that all building components that are marketed and sold for contact with drinking water in Denmark are legal. The market surveillance takes place by:

  • The implementation of 2 information and control efforts per year on construction products selected because they are of major importance to the safety and health of citizens.
  • The board is following up on reports of illegal construction products.
  • The board may grant a company that markets and sells illegal construction products, an order to suspend marketing and sales, an order to withdraw or remove the building product if it is already built. In addition, the board can police companies for fines.
  • The board also checks that the construction product is CE-marked and that the necessary documents are included or that products in contact with drinking water, eg faucets, are VA approved and the VA mark.

Companies marketing and selling building components for contact with drinking water in Denmark are obliged to have either a Danish GDV approval, a German DVGW certificate, a Dutch ATA approval/the Kiwa Water mark or a Swedish type-approval.

Feel free to contact Eurofins Product Testing if you need consultancy to fulfill the requirements.

You can read more about the Danish GDV here.