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Eurofins | Newsflash - March 2019 | Softlines & Leather

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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Eurofins newsflash Softlines & Leather




Standards Updates


Below a summary table with some recent standards updates and upcoming dates of withdrawal (non-exhaustive):


 (*) Date of withdrawal: latest date by which national standards conflicting with an EN (and HD for CENELEC) have to be withdrawn.




Date of Withdrawal (*)


EN ISO 17226-1:2019

Leather - Chemical determination of formaldehyde content - Part 1: Method using high performance liquid chromatography (ISO 17226-1:2018).


EN ISO 17226-1:2008

EN ISO 17226-2:2019

Leather - Chemical determination of formaldehyde content - Part 2: Method using colorimetric analysis (ISO 17226-2:2018).


EN ISO 17226-2:2008/AC:2009
EN ISO 17226-2:2008

EN ISO 18254-2:2019

Textiles - Method for the detection and determination of alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO) - Part 2: Method using NPLC (ISO 18254-2:2018).



EN ISO 5398-4:2019

Leather - Chemical determination of chromic oxide content - Part 4: Quantification by inductively coupled plasma (ICP) (ISO 5398-4:2018).


EN ISO 5398-4:2007




Standards Updates


Below a summary table with some recent ASTM standards updates (Non-exhaustive):




ASTM D6613 - 08(2019)

Standard Practice for Determining the Presence of Sizing in Nylon or Polyester Fabric.

ASTM D4769 - 12(2018)e1

Standard Specification for Woven and Warp Knitted Comforter Fabrics.

ASTM D3597 - 02(2018)e1

Standard Performance Specification for Woven Upholstery Fabrics—Plain, Tufted, or Flocked.

ASTM D3690 - 19

Standard Performance Specification for Vinyl-Coated and Urethane-Coated Upholstery Fabrics—Indoor.

ASTM D2050 - 19

Standard Terminology Relating to Subassemblies Used in the Manufacture of Textiles.

ASTM D3691 / D3691M - 19

Standard Performance Specification for Woven, Lace, and Knit Household Curtain and Drapery Fabrics.

ASTM D4720 - 08(2019)

Standard Performance Specification for Soft Window Covering Fabrics for Household Use.

ASTM D4721 - 12(2019)

Standard Practice for Evaluation of the Performance of Machine Washable and Drycleanable Bedcoverings and Accessories.

ASTM D5433 - 12(2019)

Standard Performance Specification for Towel Products for Institutional and Household Use.

ASTM D5432 - 12(2019)

Standard Performance Specification for Blanket Products for Institutional and Household Use.


Public Comments on Leather Guides


On 6th February 2019, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced the review process for 16 CFR Part 24 Guides for Select Leather and Imitation Leather Products (Leather Guides).


The aim of this systematic review is to know if it is necessary to Repeal, Amend, or Retain Leather Guides.


Click here for more information about the public comments of this review.


US - Hawaii


Proposed Ban for fur products


On 24th January 2019, Bill proposal SB 1350 was introduced in the Senate at the State of Hawaii. This Bill would prohibit the manufacture and sale of certain animal fur products in the State, if finally passed and approved.




Manitoba ’s Upholstered and Stuffed Articles Regulation Repealed


On 24th January 2019, the Government of Manitoba approved the revocation of the Bedding and Other Upholstered or Stuffed Articles Regulation, 78/2004.




Update of the Children’s Sleepwear Regulations guideline


In February 2019, Health Canada published an update of guideline on Children’s Sleepwear Regulations.






High quality down garment standard


On 1st January 2019, the association standard No. TB/T CFDIA004-2018 “High Quality Down Garments” developed by China Feather and Down Industrial Association (CFDIA) was implemented.


This standard specifies the terms and definitions, requirements, test methods, determination rules, and instructions for use of high quality down apparel. It applies to garment products with high quality down as the main filling material. Down home textile products and down raw materials can refer to this standard.


The following references are relevant for the application of this document:

  • GB/T 5296.4 Instructions for use of textiles and clothing
  • GB/T 10288 Down feather test method
  • GB/T 14272 Down garment
  • GB/T 17685 Down feather
  • GB 31701 Safety technical specifications for infant and children textile products
  • FZ/T 73053-2015 Knitted down garment




Amendment for Children’s Nightwear products


On 15th February 2019, the Australian Federal Register of Legislation website registered the last Version of the Consumer Goods (Children’s Nightwear and Limited Daywear and Paper Patterns for Children’s Nightwear) Safety Standard 2017. (including “Consumer Goods (Children’s Nightwear and Limited Daywear and Paper Patterns for children’s Nightwear) Amendment Safety Standard 2019”). Only a slight change of definition of Australian standard has been introduced with this amendment.


Product Recalls / Alerts


Below you will find a monthly summary of product recalls and alerts in Europe (Source “RAPEX”) and in the US (Source “CPSC”).




RAPEX (European Commission Rapid Alert System for dangerous non-food products – Alerts reported by EU national authorities).


The following 23 alerts regarding textile & leather products have been reported, from week 4 until week 7 of 2019.


Type of Risk

Number of alerts




Chromium (VI) in leather products and footwear insole.



Children’s clothing – Choking hazard mainly due to small parts being detached from the article.



Children’s clothing – Risk of strangulation due to cords and drawstrings not complying with applicable standard.




From 21st  January  to 20th February 2019, CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) has published the following recalls:  2 recalls regarding textile & leather products.




Chemical Management for Chemical Suppliers, Leather and Textile Manufacturers, Brands and Retailers


Responsible chemical management is set to be of growing importance to both customers and the brands and retailers who supply them over the coming year. Chem-MAP by Eurofins | BLC provides solutions for all levels of the supply chain including c-MAP for chemical companies, m-MAP for leather and textile manufacturers and b-MAP for Brands and retailers.


Chem-MAP engages with businesses at all stages of the supply chain to deliver training, audits and if necessary, provide a roadmap for improvement for the future. The Chem-MAP family of products would seek to increase confidence in the purging of restricted chemicals and provide robust management of risk in the global supply chain.


Visit the Chem-MAP website to find out more about our range of services.