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Update of California regulation on VOC in consumer products

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Friday, December 2, 2011

California Air Resources Board (CARB) released an update of their regulations and of CARB method 310 on limitation of VOC content in consumer products, namely antiperspirants and deodorants, aerosol coating products, hairsprays, cleaners, air fresheners, adhesives, and many more consumer products.

The intention is to reduce the amount of smog-forming volatile organic compounds (VOC), toxic air contaminants, and greenhouse gases that are emitted from the use of chemically formulated consumer products.  California ARB reports that its consumer products regulations have resulted in projected emissions reductions of nearly 50 percent since 1990. The latest amendments to the regulation intend to further reduce the amount of air pollutants emitted from consumer products.

More details can be found on Eurofins homepage.

published: December 2, 2011