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Newsflash | Europe | ECHA’s active projects for 2019

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Monday, April 8, 2019

Eurofins newsflash Chemical


ECHA’s active projects for 2019


Some relevant ECHA’s active projects this year are:


  • BPR-EN-FORCE-1 (BPRS BEF-1): BPR enforcement project on treated articles (Biocide Products Regulation)
  • REACH-EN-FORCE-8 (REF 8): Enforcement of CLP, REACH and BPR duties related to substances, mixtures and articles sold on-line
  • REACH-EN-FORCE 7 (REF-7): Enforcement of Registration obligations after the last registration deadline in cooperation with customs authorities including the verification of the strictly control conditions applicable to the substances registered as intermediates

During this year, within the scope of BPRS BEF -1 Project, inspection on all type of treated articles for consumer and professional use (such as children’s and sports clothing, building products, swimming pool equipment or personal safety equipment, paints and inks, etc...) will be carried out in 28 EU and EEA countries.


For REF 8 Project, the operational phase will start in 2020 with 16 EU states and EEA countries in cooperation with customs authorities to detect hazardous chemicals in products ( for example: cadmium, lead or nickel)  and verify the correct labelling for chemical products.


REF 7 Project involves 31 EU and EEA countries with cooperation of their customs authorities to check imports of substances. The intermediates substances and polymers will be included in these inspections.


The estimated date for having results of these projects will be the end of 2020 in case of BEF-1, 2021 for  REF 8 and the fourth quarter of 2020 for REF 7.