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Your industry, Our Focus


Your industry, our focus

Hygiene, Paper & Pulp Products

Product Ranges

  • Raw materials: Non woven veil, film micro-perforated film, acquisition complex.
  • Cotton: Cotton wool, pre-cut and not pre-cut cotton, demakeup cotton, baby cotton, cotton buds, etc.
  • Parapharmacy: Compresses, bandages, plasters, etc.
  • Toiletries: Toothbrushes, razors, sponges...
  • Paper: Toilet paper, kitchen roll, napkins, handkerchiefs.
  • Wipes: Baby, demakeup, moisturizing, self-tanning, toilet, etc.
  • Feminine hygiene: Sanitary towels, panty liner , periodic tampons, breast feeding pad.
  • Baby hygiene: Diapers and pants.
  • Adult incontinence: Light, medium and heavy.

Our Service Scope

Consultancy Services

Documentary and regulatory

  • Regulatory assessment
  • Technical sheets
  • Labels, marking and artwork check… according to the different legislations and destination markets
  • Documentary review


  • Protocols Ad-hoc development according to customer´s request and expected/intended use of the product.
  • Training and benchmarking assessment

See it with your eyes

  • At Eurofins, customers are welcome to the lab:
    • a)To witness the test process
    • b)To take your product and use our lab equipment to personally perform the test

Physical-chemical testing

The objective

  • To contribute to safer and compliant products and packaging, by rendering:
    • Wide spectrum of chemical analysis
    • Eventual research of undesirable substances

Typically performed tests

  • Dimensional and weight characteristics
  • Structural and material characteristics
  • Whiteness or color measurement
  • Fibrous composition control
  • Ash content and moisture
  • Chemical analysis(lotion)
  • Conformity control regarding technical data sheet
  • Stability studies, accelerated aging
  • VOC screening, Formaldehyde, phthalates, Heavy metals, GMO, glyoxal, glyphosphate, halogen organic compounds, azo dyes, PCBs, etc.
  • Package sealing property (GB/T 27728, Sec. 6.5)
  • Migration of Fluorescent Brightener (GB/T 27728, Annex D)
  • Food contact tests

REACH / CLP testing


  • In vitro skin irritation or corrosion - OECD 431, 435 and 439
  • In vitro eye irritation or corrosion (e.g. BCOP - OECD 437)
  • Skin sensitization
  • Genetic toxicology
  • Acute toxicity oral, inhalative & dermal
  • Repeated dose toxicity

Physical-chemical properties

  • Melting / freezing point
  • Boiling point
  • Relative density
  • Vapour pressure
  • Surface tension
  • Water solubility
  • Partition coefficient n-octanol / water
  • Dissociation constant
  • …and more


The objective

  • To contribute to safer and compliant products and packaging, by rendering a wide spectrum of standard microbiological analysis
    • a) Based on recognized standards
    • b) Or following adapted methodologies corresponding to your specific needs.


  • Mesophilic aerobic bacteria (NF ISO 21149 or Pharmacopoeia)
  • Yeast and molds (NF ISO 16212 or Pharmacopoeia)
  • Pathogens research
  • Bacterial identification (per specified germ)
  • Anti bacterial activity

Clinical Tests

The objective

  • To become a leader in clinical use tests under dermatological, ophthalmological, pediatric and gynecological control.
  • Contribute to product safety by performing cytotoxicity tests on different kind of matrix (rebuilt epidermis, vaginal mucosa, oral mucosa etc.) in our state-of-the-art GLP accredited laboratories’ in vitro departments.

Clinical studies on volunteers

  • Under dermatological and/or ophthalmological control

*All our tests are performed under strict dermatological and- or ophthalmological control.

Environmental tests


  • Ultimate aerobic biodegradability ISO 14593
  • Ready biodegradability OECD 301
  • Biodegradation of plastics EN 1485


  • Limit and EC50 testing to OECD guidelines
  • Algae growth inhibition test - OCDE 201
  • Daphnia sp. reproduction & acute immobilisation tests - OCDE 202
  • Fish acute & prolonged toxicity tests - OCDE 203
  • Microrox test on Vibrio Fischeri according ISO 11348-3

Performance tests

Paper, tissue...

All kind of paper

  • Absorption capacity (Internal method or following European norms).
  • Mechanical characteristics
  • Pre-cut characteristics
  • Softness Panel (SER)
  • Olfactive panel (perfumed papers) intensity and remanence

Specific tests

  • Dilatation time (toilet papers)
  • Discharge of colour (Kitchen roll and napkins)
  • Keeping of the locking tongue (Handkerchiefs)
  • Food contact suitability
  • Chinese standards including:
    • GB 20810 bathroom tissue
    • GB/T 20808 facial tissue
    • GB/T 26174 kitchen towel

Feminine hygiene


  • Syngina test (absorption)
  • Loss of fibers
  • Holding force of the cord (dry and humid conditions)
  • Tampon compressive strength
  • Insertion force of the applicator

Breast feeding pads

  • Absorption capacity with baby formula milk
  • Adhesivity (peeling & pullout)
  • Weight of super absorbent powder
  • Retention capacity with baby milk formula
  • Protection against dampness and rewet
  • Penetration and acquisition time
  • Expert panel: softness
  • Breathability


  • Absorption capacity day & night
  • Adhesivity (peeling & shearing)
  • Weight of super absorbent powder
  • Retention capacity
  • Protection against dampness and rewet
  • Penetration & acquisition time
  • Softness expert Panel
  • Breathability
  • Anti-odor efficiency expert panel
  • Chinese standards GB/T 8939 Sanitary absorbent pads (including panty-liner)

Baby hygiene

Baby diapers and pants

  • Absorption on dynamic dummies (Scan III) simulation for day and night configuration and for girl and boy
  • Weight of super absorbent powder
  • Retention capacity
  • Breathability
  • Protection against dampness and rewet
  • Softness expert panel
  • Anti odor efficiency expert panel

Baby diapers

  • Baby diapers
  • Adhesivity (peeling & shearing)

Baby pants

  • Resistance and elasticity of the elastic belt and resistance of the lateral sealing
  • Chinese standards GB/T 28004 Disposal diapers

Adult incontinence

Light and heavy incontinence

  • Absorption on dummies day and night
  • Adhesivity (peeling and pullout)
  • Weight of super absorbent powder
  • Retention capacity
  • Breathability
  • Protection against dampness and rewet
  • Anti odor efficiency expert panel
  • Resistance and elasticity of the elastic belt
  • Resistance of the lateral sealing (for pants)
  • Softness expert panel


  • Towels
  • Towels
  • Pants
  • Mattress cover


All kinds

  • Absorption – penetration time (internal method) et absorption (following norms)
  • Resistance of the cotton lap
  • Softness expert panel
  • Impurities
  • Micronary index
  • Number of nodes


  • Disks
  • Splitting test
  • Demakeup efficiency

Cotton buds

  • Holding of the cotton


All kinds

  • Plasters, bandages, compresses
  • Compress absorption (internal method)
  • Penetration time
  • Resistance and elongation
  • Adhesivity in dry conditions
  • Adhesivity in wet conditions


  • Cohesivity evaluation
  • Resistance module

Adhesive bandage plasters

  • Resistance to cutting


All kinds

  • Impregnation rate
  • Resistances
  • Pre cut resistance
  • Softness expert panel (on wipe as it is)
  • Efficiency test(moisturizing, cleaning, demakeup, etc. following claim to support)

Toilet paper wipes

  • Flushability
  • Delitation time
  • Chinese standard GB/T 27728 Wet wipes



  • Weight, dimensional and density
  • Drying time


  • Total absorption and capillarity: To determine water retention and ability to wipe.
  • Restituted strength after compression.

Breaking strength

  • Tensile test in various directions.

Ageing with care products

  • Measured as mechanical resistance loss after immersion into care product.

Abrasion performance


  • Resistance to deflection/packaging
  • Simulated use / internal targets
  • Traction resistance of the fiber
  • Observation of the extremity fiber profile
  • Tuft retention test (EN ISO 20126)


  • Panel evaluation
  • Cutting efficiency (strength)
  • Edge angle measurement (by transversal cut macroscopic picture)
  • Infrared spectrum of lubricating strip