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Microchamber VOC testing - reference standards now available

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Microchamber VOC testing allows fast test of emissions at different temperature. The test chamber is very small, e.g. with 40 ml volume, and operated with high air flows.

The value of Microchamber testing is to deliver relative height of emissions with limited time needed. You can use this

  • for selection of worst-case sample from similar products, e.g. from paints with same base formulation but different tints / pigments;
  • for factory production control - in this case the challenge is that the Microchamber determination does not give a test result that can be correlated exactly to the reference method - emissions test chamber.
    • A reasonable approach then is to establish a correlation between reference method and indirect method by parallel testing of the same samples with test methods. Then a first test shall be performed with the same laboratory sample as the initial type testing with the test result serving as reference. Any significant change of test result when testing later batches of the same product will indicate the need to repeat a test with the reference method.
    • This approach is well described in ASTM D7706-11 for the example of a Microchamber test as simulation of an emissions chamber test.

Now 2 standards are available as reference for Microchamber testing: 

  • ASTM D7706-11 (final standard) - general standard with different applications;
  • ISO/DIS 12219-3 (draft standard, but published and citeable) - testing for automotive industry.

Please see also an information flyer on Microchamber in English and in French language.

published: August 19, 2011