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Your industry, Our Focus

Toys & Childcare

Your industry, our focus

Toys and Childcare

The Scenario

In this era of globalized sourcing, importers, retailers and manufacturers are facing important challenges, especially in the Toys & Children Products’ industry, definitely one of the most highly regulated.

It is our endeavour to be a One-stop solution provider for all your Quality Assurance and Control needs.

Service offer

The comprehensive portfolio available in several locations includes, among other, the following types of services:

  • Expert Services & Regulatory
    • Technical Sheets generation
    • Documentary review and technical dossiers (TCF)
    • Markings review
    • Protocols Ad-hoc
    • EU REACH
    • Toy risk assessment
  • Lab Testing Services
    • Physical and mechanical testing 
    • Chemical testing 
    • Electrical testing 
    • Fitness for use and performance
  • Global Toy Safety
    • International
    • Europe
    • Australia & New Zealand
    • Canada
    • Japan
  • Customizable Services


For detailed information, contact our experts or download the literature of your interest.