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VOC chamber testing now available in the USA - presented at Greenbuild 2012

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Eurofins Product Testing NA has recently established VOC chamber testing facilities in Folsom, CA.  The laboratory is set up at Eurofins Air Toxics, a leading air monitoring laboratory.

Eurofins has the largest VOC emissions testing capacities world-wide with several hundred test chambers, located in 4 countries on 3 continents. This allows fast and targeted testing services for most VOC requirements that our customers will meet in their markets.

The VOC team in the USA includes:

  • Michael Crook
  • Stephany Mason
  • Michael Tuday

All of them are very experienced with VOC testing. They represent both US related VOC testing services and European VOC tests, and any tests needed from the Eurofins VOC testing labs in Denmark, in China or in Japan.

Rely on our expertise as a global provider of solutions for VOC and Indoor Air Quality requirements. Changes in LEED IEQ requirements, the introduction of VOC emission criteria in building codes, and initiatives related to chemical transparency promise to create new challenges for building material and furniture product manufacturers.  Eurofins Product Testing has expertise in addressing these challenges and we welcome the opportunity to share our story.

We cordially invite you to visit us during Greenbuild.  Members of our North American and European staff will be in attendance to present an overview of our service offerings and capabilities. Please come by our booth 3944N (North Hall) and meet our team!