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Cosmetics & Personal Care | Monthly bulletin | November 2019

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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Eurofins newsflash Cosmetics and Personal Care

Regulatory news - Eurofins updates - Commercial news 


Regulatory news




European report about methods alternative to animal testing


On 15th October, European commission published the thirteenth Commission report on the development, validation and legal acceptance of methods alternative to animal testing in the field of cosmetics.


REPORT FROM THE COMMISSION TO THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND THE COUNCIL on the development, validation and legal acceptance of methods alternative to animal testing in the field of cosmetics (2018).


This report concludes that the European cosmetics industry remains limited in its ability to perform safety assessment in points such as:


  • Repeated dose toxicity
  • Reproductive toxicity
  • Carcinogenicity

For introducing new ingredients, applying new uses of existing ingredients and responding to new questions regarding the safety of them without methods alternatives to animal testing.


The European Commission continues working to accept alternative methods approved at OECD level and to promote the EU animal testing ban in cosmetics.


Please click here for getting the European Commission report.




Frequently Asked Questions about tattoo inks


On 16th September 2019, The German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) has updated the frequently asked questions document about tattoo inks.


Tattoo and permanent make-up inks can contain problematic ingredients such as aromatic amines, organic colourants, heavy metals, preservatives and impurities which can be a risk for health.


Click here to go the BfR’s website.


US | California


California requires SDS for cosmetic products to be publicly available


On 20th September 2019, California’s governor signed a bill AB647 into law which adds Section 6390.2 to the state’s Labor Code, requiring cosmetics manufacturers and importers to post a safety data sheet (SDS) on its website.


Beginning 1st July 2020, people who manufactures or imports cosmetics containing hazardous substances or disinfectants shall post and maintain the SDS on their internet website by its brand name or other commonly known name publicly available. Besides, the SDS shall be translated into Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Korean, and other languages which the director may determine to be common for the beauty care industry.


Please click here for more information.




Regulatory proposals notified to WTO


Below a summary table with some recent notifications to World Trade Organization (non-exhaustive):


Notification number / Link




South Korea

Proposed amendments to the "Regulation on the Labelling of Precautions for Use of Cosmetics"


The amendments intend to designate certain ingredients as allergens to be stated or labelled on product packages. The allergenic substances must appear on the label if:


  • The concentration is higher than 0.01% in a rinse-off product
  • The concentration is higher than 0.001% in a leave-on product


Product Recalls / Alerts


Below you will find a monthly summary of product recalls and alerts in Europe (Source “RAPEX”) and in the US (Source “CPSC”).




RAPEX (European Commission Rapid Alert System for dangerous non-food products – Alerts reported by EU national authorities).


The following 5 alerts regarding Cosmetic & Personal Care products. have been reported, from week 39 until week 42 of 2019.


Type of Risk

Number of alerts




Anti-fungal spray: According to the ingredients list and product information file, the product contains boric acid which releases boron



Primer Spray: The product contains an excessive amount of aerobic mesophilic bacteria among which presumably Pseudomonas, Enterobacteriaceae and Burkholderia cepacia




From on 21st September to 20th October 2019, CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) has published the following recalls: 0 recalls regarding Cosmetic & Personal Care products.


Eurofins updates 


Eurofins Cosmetics & Personal Care Spain acquires a new Solar Simulator


Eurofins Cosmetics & Personal Care Spain is pleased to announce the acquisition of a new Solar Simulator to facilitate the continued high demand for solar studies under ISO 24444 and ISO 24442.

According to Commission Recommendation 2006/647/EC on the effectiveness of sunscreen products and their declarations, all commercialised products must comply with current ISO 24444 regulations to guarantee SPF and ISO 24442 or 24443 to endorse UVA.

The Commission Recommendation states that “sunscreen products should be sufficiently effective against UVB and UVA radiation to ensure a high protection of public health. To this end, a sunscreen product should provide a minimum UVB and UVA protection. ”

To meet industry requirements and maintain our commitment to the highest levels of quality in sunscreen testing, this acquisition will allow Eurofins Cosmetics & Personal Care Spain to keep providing a better and faster service to all our customers and partners.


New Instrument at Eurofins | CRL, Inc.: DermaScan 2D


Intrinsic and Extrinsic aging factors have immediate and long-term effects on the skin in both its function and appearance. Harmful skin damage is not always apparent, and in some cases, harm can be done to the skin without noticeable surface effects. Eurofins | CRL, Inc. introduces the DermaScan 2D, which allows investigators to see below the surface of the skin showcasing damage from years past. DermaScan 2D is designed and mufactured according to current international safety and quality standards including regulatory EU and FDA requirements. The visualisations produced by the DermaScan 2D supports noninvasive efficacy testing of cosmetic and personal care products as well as a mechanistic understanding of skin biology over time.




Commercial news


Eurofins Cosmetics & Personal Care France announces unique safety offering at Congrès Parfums Cosmétiques, Chartres


As the sponsor of Congrès Parfums Cosmétiques, Eurofins Cosmetics & Personal Care France will distribute a dedicated flyer to announce our global safety offer which covers the following services: Regulatory & Toxicology, Physico-Chemical Analyses, In vitro studies and Clinical studies.

European Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 requires the safety of cosmetic products. With more than 30 years of expertise and a network of laboratories in France and abroad, Eurofins offers appropriate solutions to ensure the conformity of finished products, raw materials, formulas and packaging.

Our experts, involved in various working groups and standardisation committees, support our customers in the key stages of product development.



Sponsor at 2019 Sunscreens and Antioxidants - Perfect Together


We will be sponsoring this year's Sunscreens and Antioxidants - Perfect Together Symposium, on November 13th at Liberty Science Center In Jersey City. Mike Anthonavage, Director of Operations & Technology at Eurofins CRL, will be giving a brief synopsis about Eurofins and our testing services worldwide for the cosmetics and personal care industry. Our US team will also be attending the symposium.