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Wilsum - Germany

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Wilsum, Germany

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Eurofins | WKS Labservice GmbH is a joint-venture between Eurofins and WKS Textile solutions, located in Wilsum, Germany. Our customers benefit from the global network of the Eurofins textile laboratories and the unique deep textile knowledge of WKS Textile solution (which goes far beyond routine textile testing)



Address:Industriestr.1 49849 (Wilsum), Germany


Service Scope

service scope

Yard goods

  • Fabric inspection
  • Laboratory tests
  • After treatment
  • Repairs


  • Quality assurance
  • Laboratory tests
  • Finishing
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Washing, dying, development
  • Repairs


  • Dispatch control
  • Picking of fabrics and trimmings
  • System solutions

Fields of Focus

Fields of Focus

The extensive know-how about textiles, Eurofins | WKS Labservices GmbH provides laboratory testing for the textile and clothing industry, e. g. fibres, yarns, fabrics, clothing/apparel and similar products. Eurofins | WKS Labservices GmbH also provides damage analysis, troubleshooting, Excellent specific know-how about textiles, especially in the physical area. Damage analysis (troubleshooting). Repair services on fabrics and ready-made articles



The laboratory is accredited by DAKKS  according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.