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Factory Audits

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Factory Audits

Auditing your supplier is important in order to fully understand and assess your supply chain. The failure of a supplier can be the catalyst of financial risk, as well as a risk negative impact on a brand´s image. It is therefore essential that players in the textile industry have a clear and transparent overview of their supply chain. With this aim, Eurofins has developed a large panel of technical, social, environmental and security audits.


Technical audit

Technical audits outline the organisational structure of a factory, its production capacity and its quality management system. Production conditions and performance can be assessed thanks to the evaluation of more than 50 criteria.

Eurofins uses its own guidelines based on ISO norms, as well as customised audit content to accurately measure whether the customer’s expectations of their factories are being met.

On the other hand, if you have decided to stop working with a supplier, Eurofins can also offer a "Stop Work Audit", allowing you to ensure that this factory/supplier has no longer the elements required to support your brand, thus guaranteeing your industrial property rights.


Social audits 

Social, Occupational Health & Fire Safety (OHFS) audits, have been created to assess factories’ performances under the terms of the international code of conducts (amfori BSCI, ICS, etc.) and ensure workers’ safety.

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Environmental audits

Environmental audit evaluates the factories’ performance under the Global Social Compliance Program (GSCP) and the “environmental management system” criteria based on ISO 14001 standard.

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